Top 5 Cosmetic Procedures for Moms


In 2012, Aussies spent just a bit under $645 million on cosmetic surgery. That was the 15% increase in relation to the year before (, April 2012.) This means that a lot of money is being spent on cosmetic surgery. Furthermore, it means that it stopped being a taboo and it reached mainstream. New moms know what sort of effects pregnancy has on their bodies. Therefore, a lot of them choose to undergo different cosmetic procedures. Here are the top 5 choices for moms.

Breast Lift

Breast Lift

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Once the breastfeeding period finishes, the mammary glands retract a bit because the body gives them signals that their role is done for some time. Once that happens, the breasts become smaller, especially with those women whose breasts are mainly glandular, rather than fat tissue. The skin doesn’t recover that fast, so the breasts can become smaller and a bit saggy. To fix this, a lot of women undergo breast lift. With this procedure, even the nipple is lifted and pointed to the front. In some cases, women also ask for breast augmentation surgeries which include placing implants underneath the tissue of the breasts.

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