Top 10 Protein rich Foods


Proteins are building blocks of every living organism which are necessary for growth and maintenance of cells. These macronutrients are composed of 20 different amino acids. Proteins are found in various stages like enzymes, antibodies, hair, nails, bones, haemoglobin, neurotransmitters and so on. While our body can manufacture non-essential amino acids, there is a set of essential amino acids that our body cannot synthesize. These set of essential amino acids are obtained from plant or animal sources.

Protein in the form of enzymes, hormones and antibodies promote healthy metabolic and physiological processes and boosts our nervous system. Deficiency in protein can lead to muscle atrophy and impaired functioning. It is very essential to have the best protein diet for building healthy muscles. The recommended dietary allowance for protein is 46 grams for adult women and 56 grams for adult men.

1. Eggs:


Eggs are rich source of protein with 6 grams of protein per ounce. Rather than the whole egg, it is the egg white which contains the highest amount of protein.

2. Poultry:


Poultry like chicken and turkey have high protein content and less saturated fat as compared to red meat. White meat like chicken and turkey are even a good source of phosphorus and tryptophan. Turkey contains 41 grams of protein per serving, while chicken contains 25 grams of protein per serving.

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Protein is really essential component for your human body and there are variety of sources to get it. Milk is really crucial for humans as it carries almost every health components that a body require.

chetana s

Yes Bharat, Milk proteins made up of amino acids that act as the building blocks of the body.They also give a strong rearing and shape the muscles of the body.