Tips to Living Happily with Dentures

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Having a good set of teeth can provide many benefits. This does not only add confidence to the person, but this also greatly contributes to overall health. But it has become inevitable that some people would be required to wear dentures to save themselves from feeling uncomfortable and for them to live a normal life. Missing teeth can affect how a person eats, talks, and smile. And dentures can help a person do these things the normal way by serving as the new set of teeth.


On the other hand, wearing dentures may not make everyone happy as spending time with friends or eating with them may not let them fully enjoy the moment. Dentures may force them to be choosy with their or the noise when chewing can cause discomfort. But below are some helpful pointers that will help anyone with dentures to keep on living the lifestyle that makes them the happiest.

Tips When Having Dentures

  • As there are many affordable dentures today, eating often feels a bit strange during the first days of having them. What to do in this case is acknowledging the truth that adjustments are bound to be made and it’s important to be patient. It’s also wise to choose foods that you can chew and swallow with ease like cooked vegetables, yogurt, fish, ice cream, and eggs. Moreover, those with dentures need to have smaller bites and avoid hard biting with the front teeth. Foods the need to be chewed excessively like caramels should be avoided.
  • When dentures are in place between 2 weeks and 3 months, wearers would often find that it’s easier to eat and becomes more natural. And this is the part when other food items can be included in the menu like meats, fruits, and firmer vegetables. To make sure this expanded option will still be manageable, wearers need to use adhesive products that are free of zinc. This will provide a protective barrier in order to prevent nuts, seeds, and food particles that may irritate the gums.
  • In some cases, speaking becomes a major problem for people with dentures, especially for new wearers. But there are various ways and tricks that can provide a remedy to this problem. Words that contain s and f sounds are particularly cumbersome, the best thing to do is to practice these words by speaking out loud in front of the mirror to acquire better confidence. Moreover, biting down or consciously swallowing before they speak can do wonders by positioning their dentures in a proper position.

Living with dentures can be challenging. It can be difficult, especially for the first time wearers. But, this should not hinder them from appreciating the benefits that dentures can provide them. Dentures can basically make them more functional and allow them to enjoy a normal life. And doing the above mentioned tips will help people live a happy life, while encouraging those who are scared that dentures are the best option for them, and there is nothing to be worried about. Ask your dentist and seek professional help to make better decisions.

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  1. DoloresB says

    I like your tip about practicing speaking. It can be strange speaking with dentures in, but after a while you should be able to get rid of that lisp. It shouldn’t take longer than a week or two, and you can definitely speed it up by practicing in front of the mirror.

  2. Rachelle Reeves says

    Dentures are great because they help people with decaying teeth still look beautiful with a great smile. My grandmother struggled with the same things. She couldn’t talk or eat very well at first, but now she can do all that fine. She said the struggles are totally worth it because she feels great when she wears them!

  3. Cheryl Smith says

    I like your tip about practicing speaking in the mirror. My mother recently got dentures. She told me it is a big learning curve in pronouncing certain words. I will have to pass this tip along and tell her to practice. Hopefully, this will help her gain confidence while speaking.

  4. Simon Brooks says

    Thanks for the great advice, my father will start wearing dentures within the next few weeks so it’s nice to know what we should be looking out for to help him. I don’t think he’ll be too happy about having to wait somewhere between two weeks to three months before he can start adding meat back into his diet. In the meantime though, he can just concentrate on eating softer foods and getting used to the feeling of the dentures like you suggest in the article.

  5. olivia nelson says

    I like your idea on how it takes between two weeks and three months to get used to eating with dentures. I would imagine that knowing this timetable could help you be patient with yourself. This would also allow you to set a schedule in when you can start eating your favorite foods again.

  6. Ivy Baker says

    This is some really good information about dentures, and how to live with them happily. It is good to know that after around two weeks it will become easier to eat with them in. My father is starting to lose his teeth and he might need dentures soon. So he will be happy to know that he will get used to them in a few weeks.

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