The Healthiest Companies in the United States

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when most people think of health and wellness, they don’t necessarily think of employers. Some companies hope to change this manner of thinking through health and wellness programs. These programs help employees learn why they should stop smoking, what they can do to get in shape at home and even how they can eat healthy in the employer cafeteria.

If you own a business, you might want to look at some of the healthiest companies in the country today to get some ideas for programs and classes you can introduce in your workplace.



few fans of Nike athletic gear know that the company originally started making its trademark shoes with a waffle iron. Now known for its iconic swoosh trademark, the company does a lot to increase the health of its workers. Its headquarters in Oregon offers a number of activities for employees, including tennis courts, swimming pools, climbing walls and basketball courts.

The head office also provides workers with a number of exercise and fitness breaks throughout the day, which let them try out any of the facilities for themselves. All employees receive discounted rates on fitness gear as well.

General Electric

General Electric

General Electric, also known as GE, offers activities and programs for employees at any of its offices across the country. The Go for Gold program, which took place during the Olympics in 2012, encouraged employees to get off the couch and get active. Workers wore pedometers and kept track of how many steps they walked until they walked more than one million kilometers.

GE also offers a program called Health Ahead. This program consists of different classes designed to help employees eat healthy and stop smoking. There are also programs designed to help workers reduce stress.

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