How to Stay Away from Stress: Detox Your Mind!


Stress is a part of our life now and rather than think of ways to escape from it we need to find the best coping mechanism that woks for us. What works for your friend may not be the best option for you. So how manage limit our stress depends a lot on what our individual stressors are and how we react to them.

Stress does indeed have a very harmful effect on our health and often results in debilitating diseases like diabetes and hypertension. These conditions feed off stress and anxiety thereby becoming part of a vicious cycle.

Analyze how stress affects you and when you feel vulnerable the most. Has stress become a part of your daily life, and integral to your work life?

Here we try to help you understand stress and work out ways to manage it. A better awareness about stress factors affecting your life will help you reduce the impact it has on your life. Here are a few tips:


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Why Do We Feel Stressed?

There are many reasons why we feel stressed. Your son’s impending birthday bash and the related organizational chores may be stressful, or you may get stressed about rising violence and terror activities across the world. You may get sweaty palms when your boyfriend proposes to you out of the blue or when you make an exciting discovery in grandmother’s dusty attic!

The Beneficial Stress

Stress is not all bad, and in many forms it can be extremely beneficial. Sudden stress triggers the ‘fight or flight response’ in our body that can help us take on-the spot action to save ourselves. This natural response can help us jump out of the path of a speeding car and increase our reaction time to help avoid dangerous situations. The fight or flight reaction is an aftereffect of a flood of steroid hormones that is released in our body when faced with a highly stressful situation.

Stress can sometimes push us to perform at our best and at the peak of our abilities. An upcoming exam or an important presentation at work can increase our stress and tension. But it also helps us rise to an occasion and put in all the hard work necessary to succeed. There is such a thing as “good stress.”

“Good stress” is technically called “eustress” or positive stress which is essential for human beings to improve physically, mentally and emotionally. Beneficial stress allows us to expand and improve our capabilities.

What Is Harmful Stress?

The pressure to perform or constant and rising demands on an individual can sometimes result in harmful and extremely stressful situations. In such cases, the affected person may feel helpless, lost and depressed. The inability to cope can also lead to loss of self-worth, poor performance at work or in studies and dysfunctional relationships. An additional consequence of stress is an increasingly unhappy home life and rippling effects on other family members.

It is important that you speak to someone you trust or seek medical help if you feel as though you are unable to handle your stress. There are many ways out there to reclaim your life and stop the suffering.

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