Healthier Dessert Options to Not Feel Guilty About


When you’re watching your calories, often one of the first sacrifices you make will be dessert. Every so often, even when watching your calories, you feel like you need to treat yourself so you don’t feel deprived and give up. However, enjoying dessert doesn’t mean you have to completely blow your diet. There are some great healthful dessert options that can keep you satisfied and on the right track.

Frozen Yogurt

Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is a great trend right now. There are plenty of shops that specialize in frozen yogurt, which makes it easy to get just as much out of the experience as going to an ice cream shop. Frozen yogurt comes in just as many flavors as ice cream and can be topped with just as many great toppings. However, this frozen dessert comes in a flavorful fat-free and sugar free variety. It also tastes great topped with fruit and nuts. You can find different combos and variations of frozen yogurt creations at



You can get pudding in the single serving packs or in the powdered mix form at your local grocery store. You can get both varieties in sugar and fat free forms that taste pretty dang close to the full fat options. Pudding mixes generally require milk, so you can make it using fat free milk for an even healthier treat.

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  1. These are all awesome desserts that are perfect for people who are on a diet. I love the idea of the chocolate covered strawberries, it gives a sour and sweet taste at the same time.


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