Best Fitness Trackers for Women


In this era of technology, smartphones have now been evolved into smartwatches. Smartwatches are smart devices in the form of a wrist watch. You can wear them on your wrists. They, besides from being serving the function of a wrist watch also provides you with many other benefits.

These benefits include tracking your fitness and health, sending you to push notifications and even lets you play your music while you work out. For women, fitness trackers have been found to be great as far as their health tracking is concerned. Here is the list of the best fitness trackers for women. Let’s dive into the list, shall we?



The fitness trackers come in a variety of colours, shades and their bling-bling touch to them. WithingsActivité on the other side presents as a class product that adds up to a wrist watch with the obvious features of a fitness tracker. At $450, WithingsActivité is a French designed, Swiss watch made from the calf leather, stainless steel and sapphire crystal depicts an elegant picture. It claims to have waterproofing protection up to 50 metres, so it won’t be a problem if by chance you fell into the pool one fine day.

It can connect to iOS and Android smartphones, and you can set watch faces, and you can check for the percentage of your fitness goal achieved also. The health mate app illustrates the data obtained from the WithingsActivité and presents it in the form of a graphical manner so that you can get track of your health goal. It can also remind you to take more water all day long and even before you go to bed.

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