8 Home Remedies for Smoker’s Cough


Smoker’s cough is one of the most common problem that those who smoke frequently may witness. In fact, not only smoker encounter with these situations but those live near smokers can be affected negatively.

This cough tends to be persistent (“persistent” here means it might happen for longer than 2 – 3 weeks). Initially, the cough is dry however, if you smoke more heavily, the cough might be worse. It might produce the phlegm. This phlegm is clear at first and might turn to white, yellow and even green if the situation become worse and worse. And it is also worst upon awakening and improves on the remainder of the day. Besides, shortness of breath, wheezing and hoarseness are common symptoms of smoker’s cough.

Inside the lung living the little hair-like structures which are called cilia. Normally, these cilia work as a filtered membrane to catch toxins in inhaled air and move it to the outside of the lung. However, smoking paralyzes these cilia and prevents them from completing their jobs. Now, instead of being caught by these guardians, these toxins may sneak in the lung where they settle and create the inflammation. As a result, to get rid of these toxins, the body attempts to clear the substances by coughing.

Coming from the habit of heavy smoking or inhale excessive smoke, if being left untreated, smoker’s cough can lead to devastating consequences. Therefore, to eliminate smoker’s cough completely, giving up on smoking is a must. Besides, you can adopt some home remedies to help you speed up the healing process. Below are list of 8 remedies and treatments you can try at home.



The benefits of plain water are undeniable. Water is one of the most significant elements therefore, it is also the simplest and most effective home remedies for the smoker’s cough. It is useful to wash away the phlegm and freshen your breath. Besides, the pain caused by the smoker’s cough can be reduced essentially when the consumption of 8-10 cups of water on daily basis is made.

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  1. Kaustubh Patel says

    Thanks for sharing this remedies with us. This will be a great help to my brother who smoke frequently and having a cough.

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