8 Drinks to Avoid if You Want to Lose Weight


Still seeing little to zero results with your diet? You may be wondering why no matter how hard your workout routines are and how strict your diet is, all the effort just doesn’t convert to what the weighing scale tells you.

Hidden diet ‘villains’ are among us, and they come in the form of the beverages you choose to drink every day. Some are obvious suspects that would jeopardize your weight loss, while the others are disguised as harmless drinks that claim to be ‘low-calorie’ read: ’healthy’ alternatives. We’re giving you a list of the most common drinks you should avoid if you want to shed some pounds.



Alcohol like beer and wine, are packed with calories that can directly cause you to gain unwanted weight. A glass of beer contains roughly 150 calories—that’s close to consuming an entire cup of white rice, which is at 200 calories. Cocktails are also sugar-laden, as most have fruit juices and syrups as ingredients. If you can’t give up alcohol completely, there are beer variants with less calories, and cocktail mixes with less sugar that you can try. It’s also best to take in any type of alcohol in moderation.

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Laura Buckler is an essay writer at Scholaradvisor and author of several publications focusing on giving advice on various diet, health, and lifestyle topics. Laura also visits a small yoga studio in her town, and occasionally attends inspirational talks and workshops for health enthusiasts.


  1. As helpful as staying away from these things could be for us to lose weight. We often find it difficult to ignore. For coffee, it difficult to believe that I’ve been wrong. But black coffee does it better anyway.
    During your weight shed, you can also stay in form by taking testosterone boosters which make you fit and build muscles.

  2. I just love your ideas. It seems good. Now i am gonna apply your ideas and going to avoid alcohol. Thanks for sharing wonderful ideas. God bless you.


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