10 Mobile Apps for Fitness That Outshine the Others


When it comes to fitness and workout, not many people can find the time or the resources to walk into a gym every day. Though it is essential to consult a professional trainer, keeping up with the daily fitness routine becomes increasingly difficult over time. Whether you want to get six-pack abs or lose your weight, you need a coach or trainer who can guide you appropriately.

What if your smart phone could become a professional fitness and bodybuilding instructor? As smart phones get better, fitness apps have become more versatile as well. In fact, whether you are looking for a simple running exercise or strength training, your smart phone can become your most trusted workout partner.

However, choosing the right app can be a daunting process as app stores are overflowing with fitness and workout apps. So, we went through dozens of apps and came up with the list of only the best ones for you. Here is a list of the best fitness and workout apps.

  1. Fitness & Bodybuilding

Fitness & Bodybuilding

Platform: Android and iOS

Price: $2.99 per download

Fitness & Bodybuilding is one of the most professional bodybuilding apps out there. The app provides detailed videos of workouts for each muscle group. You can save and track data such as weight gain or loss and the number of repetitions performed for each set of exercise.

Though you can’t watch the workout videos offline, you can download them from the home screen. It comes with built-in timer and calendar. So, you can create customized workout plans. Alternatively, you can also choose from pre-set workout plans for two, three or four days per week. With this app on your smartphone, you don’t have to consult expensive trainers.

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