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    Hello. Any idea how to contact the Miracle Cure company?

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    Barbara Fleischer

    I purchased The Miracle Cure Manuel by Kevin Richardson and The Oxygen Diet by Kevin Richardson on April 29,2014. It came with a full money back guarantee if I was unhappy. Two minutes after I ordered it, I saw that it was an E-Book and promptly asked for a refund. They emailed me back that it had been taken care of. Well as of today May 21,2014 all I have gotten is the run around and my money has NOT been refunded. If you call their 800 number, it says that they are in a meeting and call back…and again they are in a meeting. I once again emailed customer support and they email me the same stuff saying that it was refunded. NOT. I don’t trust these people at all period. I understand that $39.95 is pocket change but it’s comes down to INTEGRITY. You either have it or you don’t. They don’t.

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    I did not see anywhere that there would be an extra payment after the $1.00. I do not want that extra payment.

    Please remove that $1.00 and the extra payment bill from my credit card.

    Please send me verification that the amount will not be billed on my credit card.
    It would be sad to think that you would not honor this request. If I am happy with the oxygen info, I will be back and refer others. If you don’t honor this request, you will lose more than the amount you took from illegally!
    Ellen @ ecwrealtor@dslextreme.com

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      Kingsley Felix


      This is a review made by a guest author we do not own or affiliated by the maker of “The Miracle Cure”

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    Ivo Ridge

    I do not like reading the negative reports that seem to be prevalent. However I want the BOOK form and do not know where to get it. NOT the download version ; but the actual BOOK Ivo Ridge 10815 Moorcreek Drive Houston Texas 77070.ivoblighridge@yahoo.com


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