How Yoga Can Give You a Stress Free Pregnancy Experience

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Yoga initially practiced in India, is a form of exercise that raises us to higher levels of freedom from all stress, tension, diseases and misery, moving us into positive healthy living. It gives us the total understanding of the laws of mechanism and the laws of creation, helping us understand that we are not robots. During pregnancy, women face a lot of discomforts, from nausea, back pain to low stamina. It is a trying experience most often accompanied by mixed feelings of torture and joy.

During this time, a woman needs all the help and support that is required in order to have a healthy body and mental state, as they wait giving birth and the experiences that follow. According to fitness expert Tracy Mallet, yoga enables you to breathe and relax, hence your body adjusts to the physical demands of the pregnancy, labor, birth and motherhood. It is also important to note that not all yoga poses are recommended for pregnant women. Ensure to consult your medical instructor and inform them that you are pregnant before commencing on this journey.

During the first and the second trimester, it is important to take it slow. Do very light yoga. The placenta is still not firmly placed and could cause you to the loss of the baby in the progress. Light yoga will help detox your body and reduce nausea. Take frequent sips of water in between the sessions.

Bharadvajas twist

The bharadvajas twist is best suited during the second trimester of pregnancy. It helps to strengthen the lower back and relieve stress in the area. The reason it is recommended is because it does not exert any pressure on the belly, therefore, putting no risk on the mother or unborn child.

As shown in the image above, repeat the process from one side to the other. As you can see, there is no pressure being exerted on the stomach, which makes it safe during pregnancy.

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