Yoga for Plus Size People: How to Stay Fit


Yoga is a group of physical, mental and spiritual exercises or disciplines. It is a body of knowledge which focuses on meditation and adoption of various body posture for health, meditation and to relieve stress. It is really efficient in aiding weight loss, so a plus sized person can pick it right up, shedding calories by the hour. One can shed around 178 calories every half hour of yoga if one weighs over 80 kilos.

Where it trumps over normal exercises is that a plus sized person can perform yoga without much exhaustion and is relatively easier than normal exercises. A circuit of a few yoga poses a day is what you need. This will help tone your body, strengthen it and increase flexibility.

Yoga is beneficial for your heart as it helps reduce high blood pressure, eases palpitations, and reduces the chances of heart failure. Yoga helps maintain cholesterol levels, keeps blood sugar in check and stabilizes stress hormones. It also improves breathing for people afflicted with the pulmonary disease.

Before you start your journey, you might want to check in with a local yoga instructor. Starting out relatively new needs mastering of the poses for increased efficiency and also to reduce any risk of injury. The instructor will plan out your poses and help you cope with the difficulties you might face. You should also check if the instructor has some prior experience with plus-size yogis. You can consult with a doctor before if you haven’t tried yoga before and are worried about the body not being ready.

After everything checks out and you get to a yoga class, these are the types of yoga you can try:

Hatha: It emphasizes on physical exercises to master the body along with your mind

Integral: A combination of flexible postures to develop the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspect of an individual

Kripalu: Balances energy flow by postures and breathing

Chair Yoga: These can be done while seated on a chair

Restorative: It helps achieve physical and mental relaxation supported by props

For the plus-sized population these are the perfect poses that you one try:

  1. Tree pose (Vriksasana): Begin in tadasana. Lift one leg and place the heel of the foot against the inside of the other leg. Stretch both the arms straight above your head.
  2. Easy pose (Dadasana): Sit with your back straight and legs crossed so that your shins meet. Rest your hands on your knees.
  3. Bridge pose (Setu Bandha Sarangasana): Lie flat on your back with arms at side and knees bent. Press your feet into the floor and lift your midsection while keeping head, shoulders, and arms on the floor
  4. Corpse pose (Savasana): Lie on your back with your arms stretched and palms facing upward, allowing your body to press into the floor

You can also try the sun salutation poses, the basic yoga warm up routine before practicing these. A few basic modifications will help overcome problems you might face.

  • For the mountain pose you can step wider for increased stability
  • The down dog pose can be challenging so you can try the tabletop pose instead
  • While stepping forward from down dog to standing forward bend, you can take small steps to come forward without hindering movement

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