Yoga for Men as the Best Key to Men’s Health


With more than 20 million yogis in the United States and over 200 million worldwide, it is clear that yoga is quite popular. That is completely understandable because yoga is beneficial to both body and mind. But for some reason, men tend to stay away from it and avoid yoga classes.

Luckily, this negative trend began to change in the last decade and men are ready to embrace yoga as an activity that will bring their health to a whole new level.

Here are the top reasons why men should practice yoga more often:

Muscle building

Building Muscle

If you think yoga is just stretching and that you can work on your mass in the gym only, you are very wrong. Yoga uses your own body weight in order to build muscles and make you more functional. So you will end up with lean and long muscles, as well as increased stamina because of the breathing exercises that are a part of the practice. The blood will circulate through your body faster which means that your muscles will be able to recover quicker.

It makes you focused and productive

Yoga will work your brain too and improve your focus which will make you more successful at work. A short 20-minute flow will do wonders for your productivity because it can clear out your thoughts and make you more committed to a project you have ahead of you. Plus, it will increase your blood flow which will give you more energy and improve your mood. Yoga can even help you battle stress and anxiety so if you need to relax before an important presentation or meeting, roll out that mat.

Injury prevention

Being physically active is very important because it keeps our body healthy. But injuries are common and they can be a setback that might lead to losing your exercise habit. Some yoga types include gentle movement. Yoga can stretch out your muscles and help them rebuild faster which is a solid base for weight lifting or any type of anaerobic activity. Your range of motion will increase and you will be aware of the limits of your body. The chances are you will not attempt any exercises which are not suitable for your fitness level.

Catch those z’s

The quality of your sleep is a foundation for healthy living. Many of us do struggle to fall asleep. And the root of the problem can be stress or insomnia. We live in a world where deadlines are all around us and that can make you feel uncomfortable even when you are not at work. Practicing yoga before you go to bed is a great way to relax and wind down after a long day. You shouldn’t ignore those breathing exercises either because they will calm you down and prepare your brain for sleep.

Better posture

If you spend the majority of your day sitting down, you might suffer from chronic pain in your shoulders and lower back. Yoga will not only build your back muscles that can improve your posture but it will also relieve the pain. Of course, really high back pain might require that you start slowly with quick and short flows that do not require a lot of physical strength but you will build the foundation quickly, so moving on to more challenging types of yoga can help you out in the long run.

Fight the osteoporosis


While osteoporosis is more common in women due to hormonal changes which come with menopause, men are at risk as well. It is better to start early and prevent this illness which might hit you when you get older. Yoga improves the bone density and that can make a huge difference over time. Keep in mind that you can practice yoga if you already have osteoporosis because some variations are very soft and do not put too much stress on your skeletal system or joints.

Good sexual performance

Sexual benefits

And finally, yoga is linked to improving sexual performance in men. A large number of male yogis say that their libido also increased once they started practicing yoga regularly. It made them attentive and absorbed which eventually leads to a better sexual experience. Healthy sex life can make a huge difference in your romantic relationships so you will be more mindful and aware of your partner’s needs which will lead to a better connection outside of a bedroom.


While some of you might see yoga as an activity for women only, always remember that men were the first practitioners of yoga. It will not only work on your muscles but it will improve other aspects of your life by encouraging you to focus and remain in the moment. It is the key to a healthier life and hopefully, more men will realize this.

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