World Water Day: Flash Flood Preventive Measure at Home


Water is a big requirement in our life and there is no life without water. As a tribute to The World Water Day, this is how you can avoid a flood in your own home. Water is helping the humanity by providing the water to drink, clean, cook and much more. But, flood is not what we want to happen especially for the one who lives in the place with the heavy rainy season.

World Water Day

Ways to protect your home from the flash flood

Have you ever thought to?

  • Seek advice from your Consult federal and local agencies about the likelihood or pattern of flooding at your living place?
  • Check what kind of valves in your house that leads the sewage out of your home area during flash flood?
  • Check any preventive measure that available in your home or that provided from your house-renter.

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Honestly, every house need to have their own flash flood preventive measure to avoid any damages to the house and to avoid the one who living in there from danger during the flood. If you are 100% sure that your house is situated at the highest point of the land and there is no history of flood in your area, you don’t have to worry about the flood. But, if you aren’t, this is what you should do.

Get help from a competent contractor

The best option for you to do this is by getting the help from a competent contractor in your local area or outside your local area. Make sure that they are competent and licensed to make any constructions or modification in your house pertaining flood prevention. Maybe you should check with your local building department if such construction required any specific permit.

Flood proof or Safeguard in-home electrical and climate systems

You need to alter or raise the electrical switches, power outlet, circuit breakers or any electrical wiring so it can, at least, a foot above the floor area. Just in case if your housing area is also the seasonal flood area, you should never let those electrical wirings be less than a foot from the floor level.

World Water Day

Anchor and raise outdoor equipment

If you know that your home is situated in a seasonal flood area, you have to raise the outdoor equipment above the flood level. If you have outdoor equipment that can break free such as water tank, kids playground equipment, tables or chairs, you should anchor it so the equipment wouldn’t move away from the rising water level. Please remember that electrical power units and generators should not sit on the ground. You have to put it in a specific shelter above the flood level.

Water Valves needs to be modified

Water valve need to be modified because a flooded sewer system is the last thing that you need during a flood. It can cause the sewage to back up into the house and it might knee-deep high in a single flood episode. If you think that you are not able to do the cleaning because of that ‘kind’ of dirt, please makes sure to install an interior or exterior backflow valve to save your day.

The other option is gate valve. It is recommended because the ability to let the flood water out and automatically closes when the water is on the way back up into the house again. It is a good step to install valves on every pipe that entering the house.

Observe how water flows around the house

If you have no idea or equipment to do it, this is when your hired contractor can help you. They can do the grading or the slope so the water can be directed to the main drainage to avoid your house from flooding. If you want to do it by yourself, at least, you observe how the rain water flows around your house and where it accumulated. If the water accumulated in the wrong place, you need to alter the water route for your own safety.

That’s your guide for flash flood preventive measures. Hopefully, this quick guide will help you to be ready and avoid flash flood from damaging your properties. For 100% prevention, the only way to do it is to stay above water. This is not the option that everybody can afford. So stay safe and take some preventive measures to avoid flash flood.


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