World Polio Day 2016: Make History Today


Vaccinations are a big topic in our society. To vaccinate or not, that is the question. There are a lot of parents who see the reasons as to why we should not vaccinate our children, but they seem to overlook the reasons as to why we do. Some diseases have no cures, but we have vaccinations for them so we do not contract them. Polio is one of those diseases.

World Polio DayOne of my favorite historical figures is Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was president of the united states from 1933 until his death in 1945. Because of him presidents are no longer able to serve longer than 2 terms or 10 years. He led the country during the second World War, but many believe he would never be elected president in today’s society since he was wheelchair bound due to polio. He contracted polio in 1921 and had been wheelchair bound most of his adult life. He was lucky enough where he had enough strength where he could walk short distances to fool press because he made sure his wheelchair was never seen in public. Who would trust a wheelchair bound president? Certainly not anyone in today’s society.

Today we have a vaccination to prevent polio to our children. This is very important and should not be skipped. There is no cure and if you are able to prevent it then why wouldn’t you? I know I would be upset with my parents if I contracted a 100% avoidable disease.

Now, you are probably asking when is 2016 World Polio Day? Well it is celebrated on October 24 this year and every year after that. It is established in honor of Jonas Salk, the person who developed the vaccination of the disease to prevent polio. This vaccination led to the group Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI for short) and due to this initiative, polio has been reduced worldwide by 99%. This commemorative day will hopefully one day lead to 100% no polio, but you have to receive the vaccination in order to guarantee it.

Think about what this disease does to your body. It cripples you and can become fatal to those who have contracted it. Two celebrities in our lifetime that has survived polio are Mia Farrow and Frida Kahlo. These are two very strong women and did not let the disease define their life. Frida Kahlo even suffered a deformed and shortened right leg from the disease and was bed ridden for many months. Theodore Roosevelt’s daughter Alice even suffered from the crippling disease and had to wear leg braces because of it.

When given the vaccination you are savings a child’s life and letting them live the life they were meant to live. When given in the right doses, you are protected for life. The goal is to have every child vaccinated around the world in order to prevent the disease. This disease is 100% preventable, but it is up to you to prevent it.

I enjoy writing these articles to gain notoriety for the day. You can also do your part by writing articles about it as well. It is important to stress the importance of vaccinations. People do half the work and only see the negative, but this article shows the positive reasons as to why people need to vaccinate their children. Put your thoughts into words and explain why this vaccination is important to you and your family.

Another way to spread awareness is to approach schools and doctor’s offices. Since the 24th is a Monday this year, bring it to the attention to the school system that they should offer polio vaccinations to the students that have not received it. Have them write a letter for parents to tell them the importance of the vaccination and let the know what the disease can do to your child’s body, mostly their lower body. What child wants to be on bed rest for an entire school year? What child wants to be in a wheelchair for the rest of their life? No child that I know.

Please help to spread the word. This day is very important and needs to be respected. Do your part. Share your club’s celebration on social media, using #endpolio


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