World Pneumonia Day 2016: Keep the Promise. Stop Pneumonia Now


Who here has had pneumonia? You are so exhausted and so sick that you cannot even manage to get out of bed. In many cases, you end up in the hospital, and worse of all, some succumb to the disease. That is why on November 12th we need to recognize and learn about World Pneumonia Day. We need to take a stand against the disease and teach people how to hopefully prevent it. Medicine and science are always improving, so that is why we need to look this disease directly in the eyes and tell it to go away.

World Pneumonia Day 2016

Millions of children and adults are affected by pneumonia each year. This number needs to drop significantly. As someone who had pneumonia, I know how difficult it is to fight the disease first hand. You are in bed all day, unable to go to school, and you are not able to function for weeks. It is no way to live life. When I had it, I was not aware of the death toll. Millions die each year from it. I like to think now what a tough cookie I am to have fought it and won. Not many are as lucky as I am.

Did you know that pneumonia is the number one killer for those 5 years and younger? Not even Aids, measles or malaria combined can equal up to the number of children killed by pneumonia. It is crazy, isn’t it? This is why World Pneumonia Day needs to be celebrated and educated to people around the world.

Treatment and prevention are key. I saw on television the other day a commercial advertising a vaccination to prevent pneumonia. The only problem that has been reported is that you cannot receive the vaccinations close together. They have to be given at least a year apart. If given too close, then you are likely to get the virus. There are other treatments for pneumonia as well. One of the drugs that are inexpensive can be given to patients at the first sign of pneumonia. Modern medicine is great so long as you use it. Once you are not feeling well, and you have symptoms of pneumonia, go to your doctors right away. The medicine is a lot cheaper than being admitted to the hospital for a week’s time.

There are numerous ways we can prevent pneumonia from coming on. I know that since I suffer from allergies and some asthma, that I need to take my allergy medicine during certain times of the year. This prevents post nasal drip which leads to pneumonia. So long as I take my antihistamine and decongestant I will be fine. This is true for many people. I know they can be expensive, but think about it like this: these drugs are still cheaper than being admitted to the hospital for a week. Which would you rather pay?

You are probably wondering what you can do to honor the day of reflecting. I personally would approach a doctor’s office, an urgent care facility and a hospital and ask them if they are doing anything to educate their patients about Pneumonia day. Since they are a part of the community, they need to be involved and help educate those around them. You can help hand out pamphlets to patients and those walking by the offices. You need to help get the word out.

Another place to approach about Pneumonia day are schools. Since the statistic is so high for death risk in children, you need to educate them about pneumonia. Depending on the age group, you need to customize the assembly. Inform the older kids about how you develop pneumonia and what they can do to protect themselves from it. Just remind them the importance of washing their hands, covering their mouths when they cough and sneeze, blowing their nose and when to take medicine. Send pamphlets home with them so their parents know as well.

I had pneumonia during the winter, so my guess is that is when it is most prominent, but it can happen any time of the year. With winter coming up, you need to remind people that it is cold and flu season, and if left untreated they may turn into pneumonia. A prevention of a cold or flu can lead to prevention of pneumonia. When in doubt, get a flu shot.

Hope all of this information helped you learn more about World Pneumonia Day. It is not a disease or virus that we like to discuss, but it is important we know more about it. Read, educate and participate. Stock up on those vitamin c drops, and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. You do not want to be another statistic for pneumonia. follow the event on social media with #WorldPneumoniaDay #StopPneumonia #KeepThePromise #GlobalGoals


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