World Malaria Day 2017: End Malaria for Good

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World Malaria Day 2017 is one of the most important events related to world health that people will attend this year. Malaria is still one of the most devastating diseases in the world by a huge margin. World Malaria Day was started in order to raise more awareness about this terrible illness.

world malaria day 2017

When people hear about World Malaria Day, they might be that much more likely to contribute to the fight against malaria through scientific research. Other people will donate to efforts that are geared towards quarantining the disease through mosquito nets and other devices that are designed to reduce the transmission of malaria, which is almost always transmitted through mosquito bites.

Roll Back Malaria (RBM) partner organizations get together on April 25th with a shared World Malaria Day theme. This year, the theme is the same as the theme for World Malaria Day 2016: end malaria for good. This is a lofty task, but humanity has eradicated other diseases before, and it is possible to eradicate a disease entirely.

Raising awareness has always been a complicated part of activism. By itself, raising awareness is just going to get people to pay attention to a problem. Getting them to actually do something about the problem is a different matter. There are some problems that are so widespread and monumental that it seems that only a broad and sweeping cultural change can really do anything about them. However, this is not the case for malaria.

There are plenty of research organizations that are working on more effective treatments for malaria. They just need additional funding. Raising awareness about malaria could get more people to contribute. Some people need more access to the malaria medication that does exist, and there are many charities responsible for making that happen.

Solving a problem like malaria infection requires political will. It’s partly a matter of science, but it is also a matter of politics and economics. With a large event like World Malaria Day, people who are already in power will take notice. They will usually renew their political commitment to ending malaria on an occasion like this. Getting the world to take notice of anything is difficult. On a day like this, it is at least possible to get a lot of people united against a common goal.

When people work to end malaria, they will actually be solving many problems at once. Many impoverished nations are struggling with malaria, and this is stopping them from actually being able to develop economically. Cultures where many people are sick can never progress past a certain point. Malaria disproportionately strikes children and pregnant women, ensuring that a lot of people will already get a bad start in life.

It has been estimated that a child dies of malaria every 120 seconds somewhere in the world. Hundreds of millions of malaria cases appear every single year. This is actually a disease that is found all over the world. The tropical regions are affected the most, but the temperate regions of the world can still be affected if they have enough extreme seasonal variations. The American South actually experienced extreme cases of malaria in the nineteenth century. This is a disease that is truly everyone’s problem. With global climate change, it is possible that malaria will only become that much more severe.

World Malaria Day 2017 is a global event for a global disease, which is fitting. People from all over the world can and should participate in an event that is truly about saving the world. Malaria seems like it is a new disease at times because there is so much more awareness about it today. However, this is a disease that has truly dominated humanity for hundreds of thousands of years. Being able to triumph over malaria after all of this time could truly demonstrate the strength and power of humanity, and it would literally save billions of lives.

People should never feel as if any effort is too small. If they can contribute a dollar to any organization, it’s something. If they get the word out about World Malaria Day on social media, which might get others to contribute, it’s something. This is a global event that requires global participation to work.


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