World Leprosy Day 2017


Some illnesses and disease have been around for hundreds of years. Some of which have medical cures that people can depend upon to make them better, others are waiting for the medical community and scientists to find one that will completely cure it without causing other medical concerns. Regardless to the situation or the illnesses that an individual may have, it is very important that people become of aware of what diseases like Leprosy actually means and what it can do to the body.

World Leprosy Day

Fortunately, there is a day set aside for the masses all over the globe to learn about Leprosy and what it entails. As everyone begins to think about the year 2017 and its upcoming events, there is quite a bit going on. One in which will educate people on the following:

  • what Leprosy entails today
  • how the body is affected by this disease, and
  • what groundwork is being laid in the very near future,

That said, here is some information about leprosy and potential cures that can benefit people from all over the globe.

Though this disease has received a lot of press over the years, most people would be surprised to know that this disease is still around in such a prevalent presence. According to various reputable resources, approximately 200,000 people have been diagnosed, and presently suffering with this disease in locations around the globe. In addition to the numbers that have been officially recorded, it is also important to note that millions more have not be diagnosed. One of the main reasons for these numbers being so high is because this disease can also manifest itself in numerous ways including patients experiencing skin and nerve system problems.

Detecting it early

To prevent leprosy from spreading and harming individuals who have been infected, it is very important for this disease and its symptoms to be detected as early as possible. In places like Bihar India, this normally refers to how early it starts in some of their children. Based on information that was published on, 17% of the new cases of leprosy were found in the children. So, one of the main goals in this area is to find and cure these diseases before they progress into a disability.


Leprosy day is normally recognized in the month of January and it spreads to locations all over the globe. Specifically, since Leprosy day is on the calendar for it to be celebrated internationally. To observe this day, there are many different activities sponsored to help with finding cures, funding treatment for those who have been affected and the like. Meaning there are many different things that people can do to get involved. Some of which are as follows:

  • In January, people stop all over the world to remember those who have suffered from leprosy
  • Everyone has an opportunity to contribute financially to fighting this disease by giving money to this cause. For instance, if an individual would like to contribute on World Leprosy Day 2017, they may want to contribute on an official site with a donation of $30. Though $30 may not appear to be very much in the grand scheme of things, this amount will cure a child and help to end leprosy related disabilities.

Facts about Leprosy and World Leprosy Day

One of the primary goals and objectives for World Leprosy Day 2017 is to raise money from a wide variety of financial resources, and increasing the awareness of what this disease is. Because this disease is so contagious, the infected person can easily spread it, even with the smallest respiratory droplets transmitted in the air. With this being the case, people who are infected are quarantined off, and they live in isolated environments away from friends and family. To fight this kind of disease and its associated effects, this event is highlighted every year in order to educate people all over the globe. This is done through a number of different important communication vehicles that incorporates a massive awareness campaign. During these times, people join in prayer, encouraged to volunteer in these efforts. These campaigns usually involve handing out pamphlets, distributing information via leaflets, conducting seminars, and the like.

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