World Kidney Day: Avoid These Kidney Damaging Food


Food is something that coming from our nature and it is actually healthy and nutritious. Something that you have to know about the food in our modern world is it might coming from the factory, canned, contain preservatives and other chemicals that harmful to your body especially your kidney. Today is the World Kidney Day (every 10th of March) so let’s have a thought for our kidney’s health.

Kidneys are the organ in your body that filtering about 200 quarts of blood for you every day. It is very important to know what are the foods that damaging your kidney from functioning properly. Unfortunate to say, organic food is not what everyone can have all the times nowadays. At least remind yourself to avoid or reduce the intake of these top 5 foods to keep your kidney healthy.

1. Genetically modified foods

Genetically modified foods

Do you know that food such as corn, soy, sugar cane, apple, tomato, canola and sugar beets are the type of food that have been genetically modified? The seed from certain food is genetically engineered because of multiple reasons. It can reduce the pest infestation, it can improve the crop yields or the plant can survive herbicides. The researchers found out that genetically modified food causing the liver and kidney toxicity. The long-term health effects to human body are still not been able to measure yet so the best choice is to avoid genetically modified food (GM). Monsanto is the biggest company that producing GM food. So choose for organically grown food and refuse to buy processed or pre-packaged foods that also the common source of GM food.

2. Salt

Epsom Salts

Salt is the common ingredient for the food preparation and your body is only required a little bit of salt. It can maintain the body proper fluid balance but salt is not the only source for that. If you are a vegetarian, you can get your sodium from fruits and vegetables adequately. Salt is actually a flavour enhancer and not necessarily needed in every cooking. Too much salt especially in the fast food restaurant or junk food will damage your kidney. The Harvard School of Public Health discovered that too much salt intake will not only damaging the kidney but also damaging the aorta and heart. Too much salt in the body will raise the blood pressure and then damaging the kidney’s nephrons. The damaged kidney will not able to filter the waste from your body. So reduce your intake of salt.

3. Meat

Organic Meat

Meat is a source for protein. Protein is not only can be obtained by eating meat because it is also available in vegetables, egg, and fruits. Diets high in animal protein can cause kidney damage. According to Mayo Clinic, a person who is eating too much meat will develop kidney failure because the kidney has to work harder to eliminate waste products. The animal-based protein such as meat is one of the factors that can increase kidney stone because the level of uric acid is high and the calcium excreted too much in the urine. Try to change your protein source into vegetables, nuts and grains.

4. Artificial sweeteners & carbonated drinks

Artificial sweetenersHoney is the best sweetener in the world but still it can be modified and you can end up buying a fake honey. Artificial sweetener is like a sugar replacer nowadays and people thought it is healthier because it has no calorie. Something that low calories is not going to be good for you if it is made out of artificial ingredients or chemicals. Chemicals or artificial ingredients usually come with bad side effects to your health and one of it is damaging your kidney. Kidney is designed to filter food waste and not chemical waste. So be careful to what you introduced to your body while eating. Carbonated drinks are also something that you have to avoid because it does contain artificial sweetener. Replace it with fresh fruit juice or lemon water for your kidney health.

5. Caffeine

Effect of Caffeine

Naturally there is certain amount of caffeine in your coffee and green tea. Some of soda drinks and foods are also containing caffeine. Caffeine is a property that can stimulate blood circulation. If you intake too much caffeine, your will over-stimulate the blood circulation and put your kidney in stress and increasing the pressure. Long-term caffeine consumption can develop a chronic kidney failure. Your kidney will be exhausted and eventually damaged. You have to control your caffeine intake by reducing coffee, energy drink and food that high in caffeine.

Above all, there is no point of eating delicious food and drinks if the kidney is totally not functioning. To enjoy your food and health for the rest of your life is you have to be responsible of what you are consuming every day. In that way, you will not put your kidney in any risk of damages and failure.


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