A General Overview of World Kidney Day 2017


Let’s face facts. The average person does not sit around worrying about their kidneys until something goes wrong with them. In all honesty, most people probably do not even know what purpose kidney’s serve within their body. Once again, unless something goes wrong with a person’s health – the last thing on their mind is their kidneys.

world kidney day

The World Kidney Day 2017 is a special event that looks to end this type of ignorance. A person’s kidneys are essential to their health. Without them the body would not be able to properly eliminate waste (in the form of urine), balance water levels within a person’s body and they help to regulate a person’s blood pressure.

The kidneys can even regulate red blood cells and they keep acid levels under control. There are many more functions that a person’s kidneys perform but once again, most people are just not that aware of what they are. The sponsors of this event realizes that education can change this situation.

What does the World Kidney Day event do?

The World Kidney Day event has an agenda. Sponsors want to inform the people of the world about the importance of their kidneys and how diseases related to this organ within the body. Every year, event sponsors hold marathons, perform screenings and have medical professionals inform the world about kidney health.

Medical professionals are given training about kidney related problems. They are trained on how to prevent, detect and reduce signs of Chronic Kidney Disease. They are also given instruction on how to treat this disease and other kidney related problems such as infection.

Local people are given systematic screenings and individuals who suffer from diabetes or high blood pressure are given priority screenings to ensure that their kidneys are in good working condition. They also work with local and national health agencies and leading authorities to keep chronic kidney disease in check. There is also instruction and information about procedures and processes related to kidney failure and organ donation.

World Kidney Day Theme and Activities

The World Kidney Day 2017 will be about kidneys and obesity. This year, supporters and sponsors will focus on the correlation between these two dynamics and how they can negatively impact a person’s health.

Event sponsors also have public walks for awareness. These walks are designed to get participants to travel from one location to the next. Once people travel the course they will then be given vital information in regard to their kidneys. Event volunteers and hosts pass out literature and also have speeches as well.

Teachers, administrators and educators will also be given information about the event. World Kidney Day sponsors typically pass out this information to the schools that are located within the area where the event is scheduled to take place. Some locations will have celebrity guests from different parts of the world.

Celebrity guests in attendance will usually speak from their personal experience about the importance of kidney health. The 2017 World Kidney Day affair will feature the Ghanaian musical star and entertainer Juliet Ibrahim. She has her own foundation that has been set up to fight against this disease. Mexican artist Fernanda Acre Amare is even making an appearance to get more people involved.

There are at least 100 countries that will be involved within this event. This event typically takes place on the second Thursday in March. The date of March 9 is designated for the 2017 World Kidney Day affair. People all over Europe, North America and the Middle East will have their own World Kidney Day events and each of them will inform the world about the importance of kidneys and a person’s health.


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