World Down Syndrome Day 2017


Down syndrome is a condition that affects more than 250,000 in the United States alone. However, not many people are aware of it and how it manifests in the people in the nation. World Down Syndrome Day is a global awareness day that makes the residents stop and learn something about the other people in the world that have challenging conditions. The United Nations will celebrate World Down Syndrome Day 2017 on March 21.

world down syndrome

About Down syndrome

Down syndrome is a severe genetic disorder that causes developmental hindrances, short stature, broad facial features, and many other symptoms. The intellectual problems cause victims of this disease the most trouble. Down syndrome also goes by the name of Down’s syndrome, which was the original name of the disorder. A doctor named John Langdon Down discovered it in the 19th century and wrote a book about it. Other people may have noticed the characteristics of the disorder before Down coined it, but he was the one who put all the characteristics together nicely in a book.

The Concept of World down Syndrome Day

The concept of World Down Syndrome Day is increased public awareness. The public needs to be aware not only of the disorder’s existence but also the rights of the people who suffer from it. Many people who have the syndrome are subject to discrimination, oppression, and other negative experiences. Additionally, the awareness day gives educators the time to spread the information about the possible causes of the syndrome. The condition occurs because of an extra chromosome, but some factors such as maternal age could increase the risk of a baby receiving the extra chromosome.

History of World down Syndrome Day

The French Association for Research has been recognizing March 21 as its Down syndrome day since as early as 2005. Other organizations such as the European Down Syndrome Association and Down Syndrome International started the following suit later. It has been an official United Nations observed awareness day since 2012. Interested persons can participate in the day in a number of ways. They can educate themselves, help to educate other people, or partake in a number of other actions that will show their compassion and concern for the people in the nations that have to live with this disorder.

How to Celebrate World down Syndrome Day

New participants can focus on this day in a number of ways. Donations are always welcome. Donors can send their contributions to organizations such as Down Syndrome International. Some organizations have parties that go on during World Down Syndrome Day. An example of an organization that may offer such events is Celebrate Down Syndrome. Such parties may include pizza, trampoline activities, and fellowship between parents of children who have Down syndrome and their kids. The goal of the party is to bring people together so that they can support one another.

Another way that a person can participate in this day is by purchasing merchandise that relates to it. Socks are a huge commodity during World Down Syndrome Day. Therefore, an interested person can purchase WDSD socks to show support for the children around the world who have the disorder. Shirts are also available for sale.

Bands are popular to wear on awareness days. The Down syndrome bands usually have “Down Syndrome Awareness” written on them somewhere. They vary in colour, but some of the most common colours that associate items with the day are blue and yellow.

Finally, Twitter and Google Plus hashtags are another way that one can participate in the awareness day. Examples of hashtags that one may put at the end of a post are tags such as #worlddownsyndromeday, #downsyndrome, and #worldwithdowns. The use of the hashtag separates the content and makes it easier for a person who is looking for such information to find it.

What You Can Do on World Down syndrome Day 2017

The first thing that new partakers need to do is educate themselves about the disorder. The second thing that they can do is start spreading the information to other people. Adopting a child with Down syndrome or getting involved in a big brother, big sister or tutoring program are some other ideas. Everyone can make a difference during this day no matter how big or small that person thinks the efforts are.


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