World Down Syndrome Day 2016: What is Down Syndrome?


A person who is a down syndrome has these features:

  • An upward slant to the eyes
  • Low muscle tone
  • Deep (single) crease to the center of the palm
  • Small stature

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Although they are actually unique individually, it is easy to identify a Down syndrome person according to their physical appearance. 1 in every 691 babies in the United States is a Down syndrome baby. Every year, there are 6000 babies who are Down syndrome in the United States alone. This is a special post for World Syndrome Day 2016 #WDSD.

world down syndrome

A normal person carries 23 pairs of chromosomes in their nucleus. But when there are partially or a full extra copy of chromosome 21, Down syndrome can occur for that individual. Until now, there is no scientific evidence that Down syndrome is caused by the parent’s activities before the pregnancy or after the pregnancy. There is also no evidence that it is caused by environmental factors. It is a genetic condition and one-third of the cases is actually carrying the translocated chromosome.

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How to deal: When you’re Pregnant with a Down Syndrome Baby?

Pregnant with a Down Syndrome Baby

You can have a test to know if your baby is healthy or if it has Down syndrome. The tests are not giving you the accurate answer since it just provides you with the probability. The diagnostic test is the only test that can give you the almost 100% accuracy about the Down syndrome status. If the baby is identified with Down syndrome, you will be assisted with a specialist to give you advice about nutrition, prenatal and postnatal care. You will be provided with a lot of information especially the specific needs of a Down syndrome baby.

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[…] Although they are actually unique individually, it is easy to identify a Down syndrome person according to their physical appearance.  […]

Mom of DS

Was this article translated from another language to English? Because it should read A baby/person with Down Syndrome not Down Syndrome baby. The person first. I cannot share this article now.