World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2017: Optimise the Collection and Use of OSH Data


World Day for Safety and Health at Work is a special day which promotes safety and awareness through workshops, speakers, presentations, and safety awareness activities for building an effort in practicing workplace safety. Declared by the International Labour Organization (ILO), the ILO promotes the prevention of job injuries and accidents including diseases worldwide. It takes place on April 28, 2017. Construction safety and the health of workers are the centre focus on this day.

World Day for Safety and Health at Work

For instance, a company can have a luncheon with a safety supervisor from the company or outsource a safety representative from OSHA or other contractors. Workers can enjoy a lunch paid for by the company and enjoy an awareness speaker talk about the various ways they all work as a team while working for the company and praising their safety and health workers. There could even be a door prize, a raffle, or some type of game after the meeting. Promoting safety and health awareness at work helps individual lives. For example, ensuring them to wear suitable safety gear and the appropriate clothing for the job is one of them.

The awareness safety campaign targets educating the workplace employees on international trends in the field of occupational safety and health, many businesses and individuals take great pride because of the protection and welfare of the people at work. Focusing internationally, the attention on emerging trends in the field of occupational safety and health help companies stay up to date with new safety laws and policies created or updated by the Occupational safety and health Association(OSHA).

OSHA is a cross-disciplinary organization which protects the safety and health of those working under a corporation, company, or business. The main goal is to adopt a safe and healthy work environment. In addition, the protection of family members, co-workers, employers/eyes, customers, and those whom are part of the workplace environment is another reason for this critical sector day. Workplace safety is important.

The fact employees have on the job fatalities or injuries in the first place should be taken seriously. It also affects the white collar businesses, as well as those who do not work for the company either. Being harmed, injured, or losing a life is serious enough. In fact, a day like this can be in memory of those who have encountered such on the job fatalities as well.

There’s a legal and moral obligation of safety on the job that affects many people so to increase the workplace safety by way of “Work Safety Day” activities is one way to raise the campaign awareness. Educating workers with best practices for a productive, and safe work environment is a big way to ensure lives will be saved while on the job. Occupational safety and health can be important for moral, legal, and financial reasons.

All organizations have a duty to ensure employees and any other person working near or in the job site. It maybe affect companies undertaking safety practices at all times. Employee’s lives and health will be protected because it is a moral obligation by the employer. There’s also the legal reasons for OSHA practices which relate to the preventative and punitive cases including compensatory effects from laws which protect the safety and health of the workers. (Source: Wikipedia)

Activities to do on World Safety Day

Some of the activities and things to do on this World Safety Day should be held at the company. If a business holds OSHA meetings regularly before a construction project, for instance, it can be an opportunity for the communication between worker and employer to catch up safety concerns or issues. If a business wants to emphasize safety concerns out of the office or business, it could turn to team-building activities at local businesses that hold them for such purposes. This shows the importance of job safety. Families of the workers should be encouraged to attend. With activities during a Work Safety Day, it could include a special meal.

There’s also the interactive displays which are centred on the subject of safety. Participating in community-service projects like equipment demonstrations, role playing, or cleaning up are some other things that can be put on the list of things to do on a World Safety Day.

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