World Cancer Day, Celebrities Stand Up For Over 7 Million Victims


Every year millions of people worldwide lose their lives to cancer. It’s an alarming statistic that advocates are working to decrease by making sure that the figure is well known.

World Cancer Day

February 4th is marked World Cancer Day, the awareness event when activists, health workers and well wishers come together to educate the public, debunk myths, honor victims and fundraise to find a cure to this deadly killer.

Stand Up To Cancer, a nonprofit organisation that funds research grants, is doing its part on Wednesday by inviting celebrities, activists and everyday people to share why and for whom they are fighting for.

Some are standing up for moms, dads, uncles and aunts who died from the disease, while others are pushing forward for close friends who have been affected by cancer.

I’m standing up for my grandmother, and all of my male friends who have succumbed to prostate cancer, Samuel L. Jackson said in the organization’s video.

For whom are you standing up?

Find out how you can tell the world whom you’re standing up for here and how you can make a difference in the fight to put an end to cancer here.

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