World Blood Donor Day 2017: What Can You Do? Give Blood. Give Now. Give Often


14 June, the birth anniversary of Karl Landsteiner, the Nobel Prize winner for the discovery of ABO Blood group system, is celebrated as the World Blood Donor Day every year. The day, first celebrated in 2004, not only marks the birth anniversary of the Austrian biologist but also celebrates millions of people over the World who’ve donated Blood that year, saving many lives.

World Blood Donor Day

The event is also observed to raise awareness about blood donation, and the need for donating safe Blood and its various products. The event is also marked as one of the eight global public health campaigns by WHO.

World Blood Donor Day 2017 theme

This year’s theme for the event is “What can you do?” The biggest crisis faced by Blood donation camps is when a natural disaster or an unfortunate event happens in the city. Most people at these occasions want to help but are unable to understand what they can do and how they can help. A nation-wide Blood donation drive at this point does save lives, but for many it could be too late.

That is why, the main agenda of this campaign is to let people understand that a disaster can strike any time and one shouldn’t wait for one to help others. The theme, thus, comes with a secondary message that says, “Give Blood. Give Now. Give Often.” You can donate Blood any time you want to and for as long as your body allows. It could save tons of lives.

Facts about Blood donation:

Here are some facts that you probably didn’t know about.

  • interestingly, the highest blood donations come from high-income countries
  • As many as 108 million donations come in every year
  • If only 1% of a nation’s population donates blood regularly, it can meet the requirement of the whole nation
  • AS any as 62 different countries in the World get their blood supply from unpaid voluntary donations
  • A single unit of Blood can help several patients in forms of its cells, plasma, platelets, etc.
  • In many countries like Sweden, voluntary donation is encouraged by sending a text message to the Donor every time their Blood is given to a patient

How is World Blood Donor Day 2017 Going to be celebrated?

Normally, it is celebrated across the globe with many campaigns organized by different organizations like the Red Cross. These campaigns are set to spread awareness of blood donation and how it can save lives.

The campaigns also focus on safe blood transfusions as despite of over 108 million Blood donations a year, many are not done safely. The patients, if not checked well, get infected Blood at times which worsens their condition. The campaign mainly consists of several rallies, videos, meetings, discussions, debates, articles in various newspapers, magazines and several relevant stories.

What can you do for this event?

As per the theme of the event, you can donate blood. A healthy individual can donate their whole Blood once in every 24 weeks and their red blood cells once in 16 weeks. Apart from this, the individuals who donate their platelets can donate every 7 days and up to 24 times a year.

You can also participate in campaigns and spread awareness about Blood donation and safe blood transfusion along with this. The event also has many fund-raising campaigns for patients with several bloods based diseases like Thalassemia, Leukemia, etc. in which you can participate.

Brain tumour, though not that common, is a fatal disease nonetheless. People, therefore, need to be very well aware of its causes and effects as full treatment is still not available for many of its types. The patients suffering from it need both physical and moral support from the people around them, and hence, it is important to help them this day.

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