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World Asthma Day 2016: It’s Time to Control Asthma

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The world asthma day is a day that is observed on the first Tuesday of May each year. This annual event is facilitated and organized by GINA (Global Initiative for Asthma) with the aim of heightening awareness and care for persons with asthma. This year the day will be observed on May 3rd 2016. World Asthma Day was first celebrated in the year 1998 in Barcelona, Spain and was observed in at least 35 countries worldwide. World asthma day event is facilitated and organized by GINA

The Global Initiative for asthma organizes programs each year in association with other stakeholders like healthcare association, asthma educators and other organizers. The theme used in these programs is ‘it’s time to control asthma” but a different theme is decided by GINA to be observed on the world asthma day each year. Once this is decided the organization will distribute the materials to be used together with any resources required in organizing programs. The stakeholders and organizers celebrate the world asthma day by showcasing activities that are in line with bringing awareness about asthma in public places with the aim of aiding the public in decreasing the burden that asthma can be associated with. This is because; controlling asthma is a world goal currently and is emerging as a responsibility falling heavily on the shoulders of everyone patients and health practitioners alike.

World Asthma Day

World Asthma day objectives

The observation of world asthma day every year through events and programs as organized by GINA, is aimed at fulfilling certain objectives as outlined below.

  • The day aims at maximizing the number of persons who are living without asthma while bringing down the number of persons who are living with asthma by giving them proper control.
  • The day has purposed to identify patients and give accurate treatment for both the secondary and primary levels as per standard guidelines.
  • Decrease the mortality rate that is as a result of asthma by creating awareness
  • Decrease visits by patients to hospitals on emergence visits or admissions
  • Ensure that all asthma patients get proper diagnosis as well as treatment through an enrolment process

What are the world asthma day activities?

Several activities take place on a world asthma day to bring awareness and also to aid the asthmatic patients. To achieve this following activities take place in different regions as organized by the different stakeholders.

  • Camps offering free checkups are set up to assess how severe asthma is on the infected and start them on the best treatment possible
  • Most countries will hold celebrations nationally through their asthma societies
  • New Asthma Pharmacies and clinics are opened where needed on this day
  • A distribution of messages geared towards the fight against asthma by television channels aimed at the public is done
  • Symposiums, debates, quizzes etc. are organized in institutions such as colleges, schools and even in pharmacies all over the counties
  • Posters and banners depicting asthma awareness messages are distributed in areas that are most accessible to public
  • Teachers are taken through classes to educate them on how to prevent asthma and precautions to take
  • Asthmatic patients are motivated to attend their scheduled follow-up visits every 6 months as well as controlling their environments to decrease allergens and irritants

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a disease that inflames the airways that has symptoms that include coughing, wheezing, chest tightness and shortness of breath. This is a condition caused by genetic as well as environmental factors and these factors can fuel the severity of asthma in different individuals. The interaction of these factors though complex and not fully understood to date, can also impact on how well a person responds to any asthma medication. Asthma is diagnosed from the patterns displayed by the symptoms and also from the response gotten after treatment.

From the year 1970s asthmatic cases have increased significantly world over with as many as 300 million people getting infected in the year 2010 alone. According to statistics, asthma was the cause of 250, 000 deaths in the whole world.

Control and treatment of asthma

Asthma is a long-term disease thus the aim is to control the same and therefore treatment is offered in two categories, the quick relief and long term medication.

Quick relief medication is purposed at reducing asthma symptoms as they flare up whereas the long-term medication are meant to decrease inflammations to the airways as well as asthmatic symptoms.


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