World AIDS Day: “Right to Health” #WAD2017


AIDS is a word which evokes as much fear as it does hatred; much like Cancer used to. But the advances in affordable Cancer treatments have overshadowed the hopelessness of affected individuals. However, research in AIDS / HIV cure has not advanced as much as is needed, despite best efforts for a vaccine since 1987. Until the day a safe, effective cure is developed, awareness and prevention are the best defense against HIV.

AIDS and HIV- How Does World AIDS Day 2017 Help?

World AIDS Day

To the general public, these terms can be often very confusing. AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. HIV stands for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Both are different terms in their own domain, but are quite closely related.

AIDS is a condition in the human beings. This condition denotes a completely compromised immune system of a human being. We stay healthy and ward off infections because of the immune system in our bodies, comprised of white blood corpuscles (cells). When the quantity of a certain type of WBCs reaches below 200 per milliliter of blood, the person is said to have AIDS. This is a highly dangerous and often fatal condition that demolishes the mental and physical integrity of the infected individual.

HIV is the microbe that causes all this trouble and ultimately leads to the AIDS condition. It originated from chimps and passed on to human hunters, who spread it around the world over the years. This virus specifically attacks the immune system in the human body. When the immune system is destroyed, the body is left vulnerable to other opportunistic microbes. This means that any infection, fungal or microbial can wreak havoc and the individual can do nothing about it except remain under the protection of constant medical care.

The important thing is, that it is a condition and needs to be identified or acknowledged as such. It should not be considered a disease warranting excommunication contrary to most definitions found everywhere, even in medical terms. The reason is simple. People associate disease with disgust. And that can and often does, have devastating effects on the individual on the receiving end.

World AIDS Day and World AIDS Vaccine Day

People all over the world observe 18th of May as the World AIDS Vaccine Day and December the 1st as the World AIDS day.

The World AIDS Vaccine Day is a way to spread awareness about the condition and a preventive vaccine.

The World AIDS Day, on the other hand, is a call for action. It is a way by which people can unite in the fight against this horrible condition, support people who have found themselves in this predicament and memorialize dear ones who have passed on due to this condition.

What can we do on World AIDS Day 2017?

In keeping with the UN agenda of sustainable development, the World Aids Day remains the hallmark of activities promoting equal rights and support for the sufferers. If no theme is available from the UN, introduce a custom theme about preventing these people from being alienated and not leave them behind in society.

  1. Show your support by wearing the HIV awareness red ribbon;
  2. Distribute the red ribbons to as many people as you can;
  3. Distribute brochures and educate people about prevention;
  4. Host event in support of spreading awareness about HIV and AIDS;
  5. Join various fundraising schemes if you can’t secure finances for your events;
  6. Educate people about HIV and AIDS;
  7. Involve as many stakeholders as you can – local governing bodies, NGOs, afflicted individuals, and more, and convince them to implement pro policies regarding rights and protection for HIV infected individuals.

Worlds’ AIDS Day 2017 is the perfect way to spread awareness about the disease and help the sufferers deal with it better. What are you planning this World AIDS Day?


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