Wisdom Teeth signs that Obliges a Dental visit!


Oral pain has many causes including cavities, tooth decay, fracture, abscess, gum inflammation or wisdom teeth. No matter what the reason is, you should visit your dentist on the first sign of any oral discomfort. If you have already grown a wisdom tooth or if it is the first time, how would you know if it is something else or wisdom tooth? Learn some criteria now.

Wisdom Teeth

1. Wisdom teeth grow/erupt at end of the jaws after your molars. It can grow on both jaws, upper and lower. Wisdom teeth often grow in crooked, sideways, or otherwise misaligned. It can push the other teeth to crowd while erupting, which is one cause of pain, a sign!

2. You will always feel the pain at the end of the jaws behind your molars. If you look in the mirror you will see them poking through the gums. It causes gums to become red, hot and tender to touch and inflamed.

3. It can be both continuous or only happens while chewing. Professionals’ advice to have it removed after the first sign of wisdom teeth pain.

4. While erupting from the gums, wisdom teeth create a hole in the adjacent gum area, which become prone to germs entry, hence leaving the patient more susceptible to oral infections.

5. Impaction is other sign of wisdom teeth. Impaction, here, means that the 3rd molar which is trying to erupt is overlaid by a bone or a thick muscular tissue. An impacted wisdom tooth is more prone to post surgical complications. Hence, leaving the buccal cavity in pain for a longer time period. The longer the pain remains, the higher are the chances of infection secondary to inflammation.

Other signs that show your impacted wisdom teeth are stiffness, tenderness, redness and swelling of the gums around the tooth, bad breath, or a bad taste when you bite down on food. It also leaves gums as a favorite site for cysts, the fluid filled pockets, a home to germs. At worst, it can cause tumors. Cysts and tumors make it even harder to remove the wisdom teeth. Therefore, leaving them in the gums means an invitation to host germs, which in turn can complicate the case.

Cysts and tumors can result in permanent damage to your jaw bone as well as your other teeth. Wisdom tooth pain doesn’t necessary mean that they are impacted, but the longer you take to seek medical help, it becomes more likely to get them impacted.

If you think you are having one of these sign, see your dentist tomorrow.

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