Why You Should Take Coffee – Health Benefits of Coffee


As you know already that many people start their day by taking a cup of coffee. Especially American love to take coffee whenever they feel tired. Their day starts with coffee and their routine depends on it. This hot beverage not just helps people to start their day with an amazing taste, but there are other health benefits of taking coffee. Recent researches on taking coffee in a certain amount reveal that taking a cup of coffee can change your life entirely. It can make your body healthy in many aspects. To discuss it, this article will cover enough facts that can move you to start taking coffee to be healthy.

Benefits of CoffeeLegends of Coffee

Before anything else, it is necessary to describe the origin of coffee. It is said that coffee was found in Ethiopia first, then people take it to Yemen. After some time, coffee gets very popular in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. In the 6th century, there start coffee houses in Cairo and Mecca and people love the taste and take coffee to increase their potential for routine work.

 Health Benefits of Coffee

There are a lot of facts that researchers reveal about taking coffee. Many diseases can be cured and other nutrition in coffee beans can help your body in many ways. Some of the major health benefits of taking coffee are described here. So, read carefully and act accordingly.

Treatment of Cancers

Researcher yet is unaware about how coffee decreases the chances of liver cancer, but when they research on maintained tests of patients those take coffee regularly and those who do not take coffee at all, results are always the same. The liver cancer was less likely in those patients which take coffee regularly.

Type II Diabetes

A major disease these days that frustrates many human beings is Diabetes especially Type II Diabetes. The research was held about this issue and after complete and thorough experiments, they came to point that taking six to seven cups a day are necessary for those who are the victim of Type II Diabetes. The direct proportion of Type II Diabetes is with the heart diseases and strokes. It means that coffee decreases the chances of heart attacks and other heart diseases.

Similarly, the disturbed heart rhythm is another issue that is causing deaths of many men and women. Taking coffee decreases or completely resolve the disturbed heart rhythm. It means it covers dangers of getting heart attacks from this end too.

Decreases Muscular Pain

After heavy and hectic routines, our muscles get intense and there starts the pain. Taking 2 or 3 cups in an hour can lessen the pain. Similarly, if you work-out, then taking coffee before the workout can help you to gain more muscular body because coffee will help you to increase the strength of your body in linear manners.

Blood Circulation

Better blood circulation means better oxygen level in your muscles and vessels. A study in America reveals that blood circulation of those who take coffee increases up to 25% and hence the oxygen level increases. The Ultimate results of it are the healthy life.

Omega-6 Fatty Acids

In each fluid ounce of coffee, there are almost 27 milligrams of Omega-6 Fatty Acids. It is beneficial because a human body does not produce Omega-6 Fatty Acids by itself. Omega-6 Fatty Acids are necessary because they help in body growth, improve your brain functions, make your skin so healthy, help your bones to grow properly, etc.

What should you do now?

Well, after reading this informative article, you may think that your kitchen has space for a coffee maker to make coffee whenever you want to make it. This is the only way to make your body healthy and to sustain many diseases. There are a different kind of coffee makers that can help you in this case. My favorite coffee machine is programmable coffee brewing machine that helps me to make a cup of delicious coffee even if I remember to make it or not. Whatever your selection is, make sure that you have your own coffee maker and stay healthy.

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  1. I am a coffee lover myself. Not because it tastes good, but also because of exceptional health benefits it offers. When it comes to cancers alone coffee has been shown to decrease the risk of breast, colon, liver, endometrial and prostate cancer. Then there is anti-Parkinson’s effect, anti-diabetic effect, anti-gallstone effect and even an anti-hypertensive effect (!). I would like to finally dispel the myth that coffee is detrimental to health. Caution is advised for just a few individuals, but for the rest of us coffee can be health-boosting.

    Dr D


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