What Your Workout Reveals About Your Personality

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Ever consider the idea that your workout routine says a lot about your personality? It’s just like any other preference, like what kind of music you enjoy listening to or places you like to visit. The way we choose to workout often shares something similar with our other hobbies and lifestyle. It can also say lot about our disposition and other quirks. Here are some popular workouts and what they reveal about your personality:



Whether you’re type A or more subdued, if your preferred means of working out involves getting outside for a run, then there’s a lot of energy burning inside of you that needs to be released. You love the feeling of freedom and the rush of endorphins you get from feeling your sneakers against the road and the air hit your skin (no matter what time of year).

As a runner, your prized running shoes probably cost more than your dress shoes and definitely take up the most space in your closet. But aside from the shoes and moisture-wicking clothes, you’re pretty low maintenance. If you had it your way you’d stay in your running gear all day, after all, the “get up and go” spontaneity of running is part of why you love it so much.



You put a lot of emphasis on strengthening your mind as well as your body, and you wish more people understood the importance of both! Rather than getting an adrenaline rush, you love the feeling of groundedness and wholeness the yoga studio provides.

More so than some of the other workouts, you might be a bit more fashion conscious, as this is one of the exercises that allows for a lot of expression through clothes. You don’t mind all the straps, bolsters, blocks, or the fact that you have to tote a mat around with you, you secretly love all the accessorizing that yoga gear provides.

While out exploring nature (your other hobby) you’re probably looking for the best place to strike a couple of poses or meditate while sipping chai tea.

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