What you need to know about Fitness Camps- Important Points to Understand


One of the modern ways to get into shape would be joining a fitness camp, close to where you are at the moment. Working out alone is a far cry for most of us, than working out with someone to buddy up with or a group for that matter. And this is exactly why fitness camps across the nation are thriving, with many new members being added to their lists everyday.

Fitness Camps

Benefits of joining such camps

  1. As a participant, you get to shape yourself from up to down. The camps would have exercises matching your levels, strength training included and the use of interval training too. Each of the fitness camps would be different from one another, and hence shouldn’t be generalised or categorised as one size fits all.

  2. They don’t run on the dreaded lines of a military boot camp. That is a myth and notion which needs to be shattered, because of which many are scared to even join the camp. The main aim of fitness camp is to encourage you to push your body to the best of its abilities and make the most of the capacity it can handle.

  3. The duration of such camps can last anywhere between four to eight weeks at a stretch. They give you perfect workouts for your body strengthening and cardio exercises too are involved, which would be session wise, an hour each.

  4. Budget wise, you gain more from fitness camps, much more than those costly memberships at the local gym can give otherwise. The trainers here would personalise your routine and pay special attention to every single person in the camp as well.

  5. Camp exercises are new and there would be easy to endure and take on. Once the camp concludes, managing and doing the routine on your own at home can be done as well.

  6. The camps are motivating pads to say the least, they make life interesting and you watch yourself grow out of the negativities as soon as you start them.

  7. Personal trainers at these camps know how to bring your attention to them and this makes you feel wanted, energized and very excited about all the exercises too.

  8. The physical fitness and the stamina you gain from such camps would be awesome to see and experience.

Before you join a camp

Before joining any of the fitness health camps, here are a few things to ponder on;

  1. Safety of yours and that of others joining in with you being responsible for them. There should be an assessment for fitness levels done before the classes begin. Camps that don’t conduct this aren’t doing their jobs well, and should be avoided.

  2. The camp should have a medical expert around at all times, just incase your medical needs come up while training is on, just saying.

  3. Medical histories of the past belonging to you should be discussed with the experts, post which they would decide the levels of fitness you can work on at this camp.

There are some fitness camps across the nation which allows you free trials, take advantage of them. In doing so, you would then learn how best the camps customised ways would work for you. We hope this information comes in handy when you go out there to choose the right fitness camps to shape up in.

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  1. I have a couple of friends that love fitness camps. All other things failed to get them motivated and consistently working out until they joined the boot camp style group. I love the concept and think its awesome.

  2. Thanks Fit Betty,

    I really appreciate your reply. I also really love to join fitness camp and also club, And i love to write on about health and fitness.

  3. Hi Lucy

    What’s really great about these camps is how engaging they must be. A fitness activity doesn’t have to be mundane, and can even be quite fun even for those who don’t like moving a lot 🙂 My brother was once on an archery hunting camp, where they walked for many hours a day for a few weeks. When he came back, he had lost more than 6 pounds despite “fitness” not being the main goal at all. Would be great if more camps incorporated such activities.

  4. Recently, I began to do something about added with the weight and fitness tools.
    Because I would rather lightweight. During this time I eat special. And more often that I like to go out traveling Archery hunting game with friends. Spend a week Weight was reduced again. Maybe I need a supplement to help increase weight.

  5. A fitness camp is pretty good, though why not do stuff at home like P90x or Insanity (the only 2 I know that work, from what I’ve been told.)

    Not long ago at all, I signed up for a workshop and camp for “wannabe archery hunters” lol

    To prepare we did some stupidly hard exercises , to the point where I’m surprised I’m still here.

    But the results rock. Down 15 lbs from what I used to.

  6. I think fitness camp is a great idea how to get into shape. I`ll definitely use it with my wife togather. Diets often don`t give a proper result. Lucy, your article is so useful. Thank you!


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