What factors make Women eager to have Plastic Surgery?


If you visit a surgeon to get a consultation on plastic surgery, one of the questions they will ask you is why you want to do it. There are two reasons that they ask this question. One is to make sure that what you want to achieve is possible. The second reason is to see whether you are a good candidate for cosmetic surgery, or whether a different type of doctor would be better for you. Here are some of the common reasons that women want plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery

Improving some aspect of your appearance

Some women have one or two things they don’t like about themselves, such as small breasts or a large nose. These people aren’t happy about the way they look, and want cosmetic surgery to fix their perceived problems. In these cases, plastic surgery can give them the look they want, and improve their self-esteem. Other women have a long list of things they don’t like about their body, and want to have surgery after surgery to fix all of their “problems.” For these people, the real issue is often psychological. When one problem is fixed, they obsess about another, and plastic surgery can never make them happy.

Can we assume that plastic surgery may cause addiction? In rare cases, yes it can. Women want to look perfect, but since perfection is a utopia, they’re willing to keep trying until they eventually damage their bodies completely.

Removing signs of aging

Our society values youth and beauty, and when we start to see signs of aging when we look in the mirror, many people want to change that. Plastic surgery is an obvious choice for removing wrinkles, sagging skin, and other things that develop naturally with age. Cosmetic surgery has more advanced procedures now than ever before for dealing with aging, and it is quite possible for people to look ten years younger after getting a face lift, collagen injections, or other procedures. However, this will never make you look like you’re twenty again. If somebody has unrealistic expectations in this respect, they aren’t a good candidate for cosmetic surgery.

Repairing sun damaged skin

In years gone by, women basked in the sun without any protection, unaware of the damage that the sun’s rays could be doing to their skin. In reality, UV rays from the sun are hard on the skin and can cause premature aging. Signs include freckles, wrinkles, age spots, leathery skin, and even skin cancer.

Light discoloration can be treated with TCA chemical peels or laser skin resurfacing. If the skin is sagging significantly, then a face lift could be required. The cosmetic surgery procedures available today can make some difference, but it can never bring back the look of completely undamaged skin.

Removing fat

People who have tried to lose weight through dieting and exercise without success may turn to plastic surgery as an easier way to get results. Liposuction is good for removing small areas of persistent fat. It involves minimal scarring, pain, and recovery time. More major procedures like a lap band can lead to rapid weight loss. Obese people may find that they end up with excess skin that needs to be removed in another procedure such as a lower body lift, or body contouring surgery.

Improved self-esteem

This is one of the main reason women have plastic surgery. They want to feel admired and appreciated by the people around them, and they can’t achieve that goal if they’re not pleased with their bodies. Botox injections are extremely common today; the botulinum toxin is used to eradicate wrinkles and fine lines, as well as to fill up the lips. The intervention is almost painless and it’s a convenient start to enhance your natural face features and feel beautiful. Thread vein removal is another procedure that can help in getting rid of those embarrassing thread veins.

There’s no permanent treatment to beauty as we can’t stop the aging process. We can only delay it. Plastic surgery can restore a woman’s confidence, it can make her look 10 years younger and some of the techniques are revolutionary. Many women don’t feel good about themselves; it could be because their breasts are too small or because they’re overweight. Regardless, prior to deciding to go under the knife make sure to assess the risks that come with a cosmetic intervention and talk with a physician about your wishes and expectations.

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  1. Hi this is a great article – well researched I enjoyed it a lot. There are so many reasons people get cosmetic surgery, even with all the risks and horror stories we seen nowadays. Part of the problem seems to be that the images of beautiful that are portrayed by the media are for most people unattainable without surgery. The emphasis society puts on beauty only increases the pressure.


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