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What Can You Get From Yoga Exercise?

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Yoga has been a very popular workout as well as an alternative and traditional management for ailments. It has been practiced for more than 5 centuries and has been a widespread exercise all over the world. Yoga involves various poses to cater to various areas of the body. Aside from these yoga poses, some yoga classes combine meditation for a more holistic approach.


Yoga has produced various physical benefits including increased flexibility and muscle strength. But aside from these physical advantages, there are a lot more to yoga. Some of the features and benefits of yoga include:

Anti-aging properties

For people who want to age gracefully, yoga is an excellent way to do so. Yoga helps relax the body and the mind and promotes better circulation to improve the elimination of free radicals in the body. Improved circulation also enhances the integrity of the skin making you look more youthful. Moreover, yoga can prevent the sudden appearance of wrinkles because it makes the skin taut and elastic.

Enhanced sexual encounters

Aside from its anti-aging properties, yoga also improves the sexual pleasure of people. The improved circulation in the body allows for enhanced circulation to the reproductive organs; hence, improving the sexual drive and satisfaction of those who perform the exercise. Furthermore, the relaxation provided by yoga eliminates emotional and psychological stress that significantly enhances sexual pleasure.

Improved mental health

Much like other relaxation techniques such as meditation and guided imagery; yoga can also promote mental well-being through the cognitive relaxation techniques employed. Those who attend yoga classes reveal that they are able to improve their memory and cognition using yoga.

Increased flexibility

Probably the most imminent benefit of yoga is increased flexibility of the musculoskeletal system. Through various yoga positions, specific muscles are stretched and strengthened for better flexibility and range of motion.

Promotes healthy weight loss

Yoga, such as Bikram yoga, can effectively help those who want to lose weight healthily. Yoga utilizes energy and helps burn more fat and calories for a more efficient weight loss.

Improved cardiovascular health

The heart and the blood vessels also directly benefit from yoga. Yoga helps reduce blood pressure, improve the cardiac output and prevent atherosclerosis that may lead to heart attack.

Improved respiratory functioning

Yoga was also seen to enhance the expansion of the lungs; thereby, increasing the lung’s vital capacity for an improved oxygenation.

Stabilized electrical signaling to the brain

During times of stress and mental burnout, the firing of neurotransmitters in the brain may become imbalanced leading to anxiety, depression and even some forms of neurosis. Yoga helps by improving these electrical signaling to promote better cognitive functioning. A study in fact, reveals a more stable EEG tracing after yoga contributing to better sleep and memory.

Improved utilization of glucose

Yoga was also seen to be an effective preventive remedy for hyperglycemia and diabetes as a result of its efficient utilization of blood glucose during yoga exercises.

More relaxed way to exercise

Yoga may seem light, but it can provide similar results like other high-impact exercises.

Yoga provides a holistic way of promoting health and well-being. In fact, yoga is one of the most effective ways to deal with the human condition.

Author Bio:

Carla Martins is a yoga instructor and a fitness expert. She spends her day in fitness centers teaching yoga to her clients and she spends her rest days doing the things she loves such as cooking and reading books.

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  1. Kyle L. says

    No doubt yoga do improve your flexibility. If you do any kind of muscle building, you need to stretch your muscle constantly to make them flexible.

  2. Doc Jec says

    Yoga can be so healing…I recommend it at any age!

    Other safe options to healing include chiropractic work or acupuncture.

  3. Emon says

    Actually yoga is very helpful to remain healthy and have a fresh mind.

  4. Gopal says

    Which Yoga step is very usefull for spine ?

  5. Junemoss says

    One of the best parts of being a yoga teacher is the relationships that you build with your students. Yoga students tend to stay with their teacher for several years. During that time, you’ll celebrate birthdays, births, and successes. You’ll also grieve with them for the loss of loved ones and children going off to college. You will be an integral part of their lives, and they will be part of yours. Yoga is one of the best ways to stay in shape, even as you age. You’ll enjoy increased flexibility and stamina, as well as keeping off the pounds that tend to creep on as you age.

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