Weight Loss Methods you Should Never try


Weight loss has always been a hot topic, and effective weight loss methods and tips have been extensively searched topics since years. Mostly, people look for weight loss tips and techniques because they wish to shed pounds in a proper way without any harmful side effects.

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But weight loss is a gradual process and needs a lot of time and patience, which people lack these days. Moreover, people have such a great desire to lose weight that they are happily willing to compromise on their health. So in a hurry to weight loss, many individuals, especially women tend to go for extreme measures which may be too dangerous. Here are 5 wild weight loss methods for dieters that you should never try, as they may be highly dangerous plus have no guarantee for weight loss and give eating disorders.

Stomach Stapling

Reducing size of the stomach in order to make it pouch size with accommodation of one ounce of food is a new process known as stomach stapling. It has a great reduction in the quantity of food intake, thus providing immediate weight loss. But the process is not as simple and easy as it seems to be. It involved great risks and is only recommended for people who are too obese, with no other way out, as it is a very much extreme procedure. This kind of surgery is even noted to give stomach infections.


This is a common and known weight loss treatment and is freely available. But people are unaware of the facts associated with this kind of treatment. The treatment involves insertion of small incision in the body through a narrow tube, which is then pulled up and down in order to destroy fatty layers. The tube then sucks fat, but sucks up some fluid also.

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This process is reported to give extreme bruising and scars on the body. It is known to be a serious surgery, and need to be done under supervision of a surgeon and in a reputed hospital.


Having Laxatives on a regular basis is another known method for weight loss. These laxatives come with a different working formula which works by ejecting food from the body and thus prevents the food from getting well absorbed, leading to fluid loss similar to Liposuction. But, these laxatives have a short term effect and also come with certain side effects like vomiting, nausea, dehydration and diarrhea. There are cases where the process has been known to cause complete loss of bowel control and death. It is advised not to go for this process as it may be seriously harmful for you.

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Starving Method

Most people think that this is the best and effective method, plus an easy one. But it is not at all true as it gives bad craving. Starving may make you give a feeling of suppressed appetite, but makes you land with bad craving and serious pain causing you to collapse. For this it is better to cut down carbs, and have good quantity of fruits and veggies.

Consuming Ipecac Syrup

Consuming Ipecac syrup is a famous way to lose weight these days. But the drawback with this method is that it makes you vomit after meal. This method is meant for the ones who have accidentally been poisoned. As far as weight loss is concerned, it does make you lose fat but with serious side effects on your heartbeat and sometime heart attack also. It is strictly not meant for people with eating disorders.


These are five most harmful fat burning methods that must be avoided. All of these are believed to be very much effective but have worst side effects.

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  1. I know how hard weight loss can be I’ve struggled with it all my life. But with the help of shreddingthefat.com I was able to get to a healthy weight for the first time in my life.

  2. Hi,
    The issue of obesity is becoming a real danger to the humans, everyone must fight it as you fight sickness because it is a kind of sickness i must say. However, not every prescribed measure should be used, seek a professional medical advice before engaging any prescribed measure.

  3. Weight problems can be very difficult to overcome. That’s why it’s understandable why a lot of people resort to “fast-track” solutions without really thinking about the consequences and side-effects. Thanks for sharing this post. I hope those who find themselves in need of weight-loss solutions will read this and get enlightened.

  4. Slowly but surely — that’s the best way, I guess, to lose weight. Fast shedding of those fats won’t really matter a lot if we suffer a lot of complications and side effects in the process. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I am totally agree here. We have to maintain weight with the healthy ways. Otherwise we have to deal with chronic effects. Thanks for raising the awareness on this hot topic.


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