A Week Early Period Is No Longer a Pain if You Know These Tips


Menstrual periods is one thing that most women face together and can relate to. They are fundamental and important to the health of every female aged 10 to 55 (although this varies in different women). These periods are predictable in most cases when a woman starts experiencing pelvic pain or cravings for certain foods (I am guilty of that). However, in some cases, they may come early or late than usual.

Early Period

Unpredictable periods are one of the most annoying things that a woman experiences especially when they are really expecting to have them or when they are totally unaware of them coming. It’s even worse when it comes late especially to the sexually active women who do not use birth control methods. Those are the days that any sign of periods is really anticipated and we are willing to bear with all the pain, discomfort and hormonal mood swings. It is much better to bear with all these than the probability of expecting a baby who was not planned for. All in all, no matter how late or early periods come, we can all testify as women that we hate periods.

An early period, when period’s come earlier than expected, this normally comes with this normally comes with the humiliation of having a red spot on that favorite skirt or dress. Rubbing off the stain does not totally remove it. Therefore, you will have to take some few hours off work to go home and get changed. It is normal not to carry an extra pair of clothes to work (unless you are taking two shifts). Also, maybe a woman hadn’t made a previous purchase of sanitary towels. The trouble and at times shame of having to borrow from colleges or friends is humiliating.

There is really nothing much that can be done to control how early or late periods come. However, some few tips will make it easier for women to predict if they’re going to expect their monthly visitors earlier than expected. A week early period is no longer a pain if you know these tips;

a) Sudden Weight Loss or Gain 

The weight of a person normally affects the overall hormonal production. Therefore, when a woman suddenly gains or loses weight, this creates an imbalance of hormones and the menstrual cycle in turn. If you have probably engaged in heavy duties in the past week, just started a dieting routine or have eaten much than normal in the past few days, have your mind set on the probability of having your periods soon.

b) Stress 

Having stress mostly affects female as this triggers the body to release stress hormones that can either make the periods to come sooner or later than the intended time. Therefore it is good for us women to do away with things in our lives that can cause stress, as none of us loves the feeling of having periods at the wrong time.

c) Birth Control 

In this modern age and time, women have been exposed to a huge variety of birth control methods that range from; implants, pills, injections and IUD. These methods tend to alter the hormonal distribution in the body and may cause an imbalance. This, in turn, causes the periods to come earlier or later. However, this is not to discourage you from using birth control as the body will naturally get used to them and start behaving normally.

d) Gynecological Issues 

At times, the problem of having periods much earlier is more medical than natural. The presence of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), ovarian torsion, uterine fibroids or endometriosis could be the reason for this abnormal flow. However, this issue can be treated. You should make a visit to your doctor and get examined to see how this can be solved and if other serious issues are causing this disorder.

It is often said not to annoy a woman during her time of the month.’ Well, I also tend to agree to this as I have experienced really irritating and aggravating moments during my periods. It is therefore always good to understand a woman during these times and treat her nice. Also, in order to avoid embarrassing moments, women should have a period tracker on their devices to check on when they are due and start making early preparations. This also helps in knowing ovulation dates and see if the period has not come at the intended time.

If you have been experiencing early periods more often than timely periods, it is advisable to visit to visit your doctor as soon as possible for you to deal with any serious disease that might be causing damage to your body. Why be unprepared when you can predict an early period?

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