Ways to Make the Side Effects of Menopause Easier to Handle


For most women, entering menopause can be a challenge due to the daily symptoms that are often experienced. From hot flashes to fatigue, it can be difficult to feel like yourself and remain in a great mood. To reduce the side effects and feel healthier during the process, there are a number of ways to make the transition easier to handle until it resides.


Stay Active

Although there may be days where the last thing that you want to do is exercise, staying active can actually alleviate menopause symptoms and improve the condition of your heart. You’ll also be able to prevent weight gain and reduce loss of muscle mass. Some of the best exercises for women going through the change include using the elliptical machine, swimming, dancing, and using the stairmaster. Focus on both cardio and strength training at least three times a week.

Increase Your Omega-3 Intake

To prevent losing your natural glow and continue having skin that is moisturized and healthy, increase the amount of omega-3 vitamins that you consume each day. Take supplements that contain flaxseed oil, primrose oil, and cod liver oil. You can also exfoliate your face and neck each night to remove dead skin cells and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Eat Smaller Meals

One of the worst side effects of menopause is having your metabolism slow down by 10 to 15 percent, which often leads to weight gain in a short period of time. Keep your metabolism up to speed by eating smaller meals throughout the day, drinking lemon with water after waking up, and reducing the amount of carbohydrates that you eat. Increasing your intake of protein will also prevent overeating or losing energy throughout the day.

Use Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone levels often reduce significantly during menopause and can increase the symptoms that are experienced. Use hormone replacement therapy to eliminate hot flashes, decrease urinary tract infections, reduce body fat, improve your sleep, prevent mood swings, and increase your muscle mass. Hormone replacement therapy is one of the most effective methods of combating the symptoms that are associated with menopause according to Genemedics Health Institute, a company that specializes in hormone replacement therapy.

Although you may not be able to control how long it takes to go through menopause, you can control the level of symptoms that you experience during the transition. By watching your diet, increasing your level of activity, and by taking omega-3 supplements, you can take more control over how you feel and make it easier on your body.

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