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Water Diet to Lose Weight

Do you know that with water diet you don’t have to cut the usual foods that you eat? You can actually eat anything and still lose weight using a water diet. This is also called the cold water diet which is a hot craze these days among people who would like to lose weight fast. In this type of diet, you don’t have to cut the usual calorie intake that you.

Lose Weight

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4 Natural Supplements That Help in Lowering Blood Pressure – See more at:
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How it works

In a water diet, you just have to consume 64 ounces of cold water and divide it into 8 ounces per servings all throughout the day. It can be done with or without meals. The water can be boiled; any kind of water will do. Altering or cutting of food consumption that you normally consume is not a mere component of a water diet.

The efficiency

Though there has no scientific evidences proved that water diet can really help people lose weight, there are men from Arizona that claimed that they have lost weight with the water diet. It was in 2008 when these men started out with the diet and they have lost 50lbs. in just one year which is record breaking for such diet. A man testified that he actually lost 10lbs. in a month using the water diet without even cutting his normal food intake. These men said that they actually drink a glass of water before, during and after meals.

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4 Natural Supplements That Help in Lowering Blood Pressure – See more at:

Facts behind water diet

When cold water is consumed by the body, the body burns more calories to be able to heat the water up until it reaches 98 degrees Fahrenheit. The colder the water, the harder the body will work to warm up the water gulped by the person. Moreover, more calories will be burned if the person will drink more amount of cold water all throughout the day. By drinking water before, during and after meals, you will get a sense of fullness so you will eat less as well.  This is because the kidneys will work to process the water and it will also aid in releasing and flushing of toxins and unwanted wastes from the body.

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Water is said to be very beneficial and it is also less expensive in comparison with other drinks. If you want to stay healthy and lose weight at the same time without spending, water is one of the best components for you. Finally, consider Tava green tea which is one of the best options on the market now.

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  • Seriously? C’mon guys. Water is necessary for life, right? We all know that our bodies are comprised of mostly water, and we’ve been told for years how important it is to hydrate. I agree that drinking more water (at least 1/2 your weight in ounces) will definitely boost your weight loss-but don’t call the “water” diet. It’s just an easy (and necessary) way to keep our bodies functioning the way it should.

  • Water therapy. I tried it. I feel so weak without eating foods. But with balance eating. It does something huge to my weight change. And now im loving it.Result does gets rewarded.

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  • Over thirty years ago I watched a documentary (whose title I have since forgotten) that discussed this very topic. From what I remember, brown adipose tissue (BAT) was located in the upper back area and nape of the neck in mice. The documentary showed obese mice that had an abundance of white adipose tissue (WAT) where their thinner counterparts had a higher ratio of brown to white fat. Cold-induced (non-shivering) thermogenesis was discussed and showed promise but obviously not enough. This concept of getting your body as cold as possible is making a comeback. I’ve seen everything from swimming in water around 37 degrees (F), showering in 68 degree water, to drinking ice cold water all day long. Has anyone figured out if drinking the extra 50 oz. of cold water per day would be equivalent to standing in 68 (F) degree shower? I thought I’d try this at the gym after my workouts. I got the shower’s temp as cold as possible and stood there for 5 minutes feeling like a Popsicle. When I turned around to see what the water temp was…it was 90 degrees F! Hilarious! Thank you for great information on a nominally-discussed topic.

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