Visual Tricks That Will Help You With a Small Bathroom


Interior design doesn’t only revolve around matching colors and shapes. It is a great tool for visually increasing space making certain rooms look bigger than they actually are. One of the best uses for interior design is when we plan our bathroom.

Small BathroomUnlike other parts of our home, bathroom is really specific. It requires a lot of planning given all the things that go in it. Furthermore, it is a room which should primarily be regarded as functional. For example, you are able to dine outside your dining room, you can sleep outside your bedroom but the things which you do in the bathroom, cannot be performed anywhere else.

Due to this fact, having a small bathroom can pose an enormous problem. Even though we can make it somewhat functional, this lack of space can have a disastrous effect on interior design.

By following these small tips, you can make sure that your tinny bathroom looks bigger.

  1. Pick smaller furniture and hardware

Main element of design is proportion. No matter what you do, there needs to exist some symmetry and objects need to be on the same playing field. Any other behavior can lead to chaos. Make sure that all the items which you introduce are proportionate to each other as well as the room as a whole. If you are troubled by a small bathroom, make sure to buy cupboards and cabinets that are a bit smaller than normal.

  1. Focus on one item

Here is another instance where we can use proportion to our advantage. If you have made everything proportionate, make sure to find one piece which will be bigger than the rest. What is the point of this you might ask? Diversion. Instead of noticing lack of space, person will see that your bathtub is really big. All his focus will be placed on that item and you will be able to slide with lack of space.

  1. Sliding doors

If you get sliding doors, you will be able to get much more effective space within the bathroom. Doors always open towards inside. This way, they will certainly take additional space. On top of it, sliding doors are much more creative and appealing to the eye.

  1. Putting towels on your doors

Those who have decided to go with traditional doors can use them as an important part of interior design. Instead of putting hooks on the wall, you can place them on the door. When somebody enters the room, he won’t notice these hooks (because they will be behind him). That way, your room will look much more spacious.

  1. Use brighter colors

Dark colors make room look smaller. Always choose brighter colors. You should also avoid complex designs. They might affect visual perception of the viewer. In fact, simple white is probably the best choice here.

  1. Do not use shower curtain

In most cases, bathtub or shower will be on the opposite side of the bathroom. So, as soon as you step in, you will look directly ahead. If you vision is impaired by a curtain, you will feel as if the curtain represents the end of the room.

  1. Proper use of tiles

There is an excellent trick which you can do with the tiles. If you have a shower, make sure that the tiles in the shower and the rest of the room are same. This way, you will create a visual illusion as if the room continues into the shower and all the way to the wall.

  1. Placing holders and shelves on creative places

Oftentimes, shelves feel as an unnecessary addition to your bathroom. They can be really hard to pull off in terms of the design. To top it all off, they can take a lot of visual space making it feel as if the room is crowded. In order to remedy this, you can find some secluded place for them. For example, you can place shelves above the door. Or, if you choose so, you can place it just above the sink or cupboard, low enough so that a person cannot see it and high enough so you can use the sink properly.

Have in mind that you do not have to use all these tips. Nevertheless, just by using a couple of them, you will make sure that your tinny bathroom is much more visually appealing.

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