Virus Appreciation Day 2016


Yesterday was Virus Appreciation Day. It is celebrated every year on October 3rd. You are probably wondering what Virus Appreciation Day is all about. Well, the worldwide holiday is a day you are able to respect and learn about different viruses. It seems odd, but you may change your mind about the day at the end of the article.

Virus Appreciation Day

We live in a world where viruses are everywhere. This is great for those who are studying biology and other life sciences. Remember, viruses do not just affect people, they affect all living things including plants and animals. We need to learn about how they affect daily life and are spread from one species to another.

Why it is important to study viruses in nature and plants. Every living cell deserves to be learned about. The more we learn about it, the more we know about nature and how things grow and flourish. We have to keep in mind that viruses do not always destroy plants, but they also are able to manipulate the cells. This helps molecular and cell biologists to learn more about plant life and about genetics.

The more we know about genetics, the more we know about DNA and RNA. This is the stuff we are made of. This helps biologists to figure out how our cells develop, survive and even reproduce. It is easy to see how they develop and reproduce without a virus, so biologists need to learn how they develop, survive and reproduce with a virus active in the cells.

It is easier to find plant cells to work on than human cells, so that is why it is important to study the viruses in them. Scientists also want to learn how the viruses are spread. They can be transmitted from plant to plant or insect to plant. They are usually from blood obsessed insects like mosquitos. Think about how many viruses we know that mosquitos alone spread; Zika and West Nile are just two popular ones. There are plenty more. Scientists are able to learn about these viruses from plants before they do from humans.

We know as humans how the influenza virus is spread; through coughing and sneezing and blowing our noses. How did we learn about this and figure it out? We did that by learning about the virus itself. In order to figure out the virus, we need to learn about it so we are able to creature cures from it. Biologists learned from new viruses how they were created, how they were spread and how they were cured. They did this by learning about the virus.

Right now we seem to have an outbreak of the norovirus. This is not a new virus, but it is something that is going around. We know it is spread from fecal-oral that is passed from person to person through food or water. We know this, but it still happens. Because we know about this virus, we are able to keep it under control as much as possible just through common knowledge.

Another virus that is going around is hand, foot and mouth disease. This is a popular high school disease and just comes from not being clean. You are touching things after not washing your hands and spreading it to other people thus giving them a high fever and mouth sores. This is one of the popular athletic viruses just like ring worm. How do we know this? From learning about the virus itself.

As you can see, it is vital we learn about viruses from both people and plants. This is how we are educated and we learn about new viruses and how to take care of them and prevent them. We are also told how to treat them if we have them. Without Virus Appreciation Day, we may not know about all of the important work that biologists do each and every day to learn about these viruses. So next time you hear about a worldwide holiday about viruses, take it seriously because you know how important it is to learn about viruses. We are not celebrating them, but learning from them.

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