Using Vitamins and Supplements to Reduce Pain

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The worst thing about regular pain is that it’s so distracting. It’s impossible to live your life if you’re in pain all the time. The good news is that there are various supplements you can take to help you handle your pain no matter what it is or what caused it. Here are a few examples.

Natural Supplements


If you have problems with swelling that are leading to pain, then there are a few different types of plants and herbs that can help  keep the swelling down because they block enzymes that cause swelling to happen. Examples of this are things like Ibuprofen and Aspirin, although there are plenty of vitamins that can do the trick as well. This is one of the primary causes of pain after all, when the tissue in a certain area swells and presses on whatever happens to be around it.

Fish Oil

This is one of the places where the “snake oil” salesman myth comes from. But where snake oil was a poor copy, fish oil is the real deal. This vitamin supplement can help cure a wide range of conditions going from cardiovascular diseases to mental illnesses like depression and various types of pain. Fish oil can relax inflammation and pain caused by a wide variety of conditions. Omega-3’s from Fish oil is one of the few things that many doctors agree on as far as curing things like headaches, back pain, and even rarer things like autoimmune diseases.

It’s important to note that the supplement won’t completely cure the pain, but taking the edge off of it can be a major boon for anyone suffering from pain.

Vitamin D

Many studies have been done that link low vitamin D levels with higher levels of pain.  One of the biggest places it’s used is in fibromyalgia pain management. Some doctors have gone so far as to say that they’ve seen miracles with patients who’ve been dealing with the condition that causes severe pain in soft tissue areas. Once these people started taking vitamin D supplements, their pain was reduced significantly.

Magnesium Deficiency

This is a supplement with more of a mixed bag as far as usefulness is concerned, but it’s been used to treat things like migraines and muscle spasms. It’s possible that the reason for this is many people don’t get nearly enough magnesium in their diets naturally.  If this is a problem with many people diets, simply taking the supplement can help cure it quite effectively.

Capsaicin Cure All on the Skin

This supplement is derived from chili peppers, and it can help calm down pain symptoms by applying it to your skin.  The usefulness here is the sheer number of pain issues that the topical ointment can help to ease.  It’s been known to treat the symptoms of conditions from diabetic neuropathy to shingles, to psoriasis.  If you do use this supplement, it’s a good idea to wash your hands right after as it can irritate the eyes.

Vitamins are often a good approach to helping with pain since doing something more serious like surgery is often a big step that’s better avoided.

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  1. Jade Willsmith says

    Hi, I am suffering from lower back pain from last two months. Could you please advise me any medicine or any other treatment therapy to reduce this pain? I cannot afford any pain relief center right now. Please help me if you can.

  2. It is best to try these natural ways first before going into pain medications which people have the tendency to be dependent on it.

  3. Ema stone says

    Light exercise, massage, heat compress, Epsom salt bath etc. can minimize the negative impacts of joint pain to some extent. The market offers uncountable analgesics, steroid drugs to manage joint pain. But you must think twice before trying them out, keeping in mind their adverse side-effects on the human body. I always use natural remedies. You can also try.

  4. mike dinear says

    If you are suffering from pain then there is only one method through which you can get relief i.e. exercise. If you are not able to do exercise for a single minute then you can take some pain relief medicine and then you can try for exercise.

  5. Dr. Rohit sharma says

    Hi ,
    Thank you for the information. I supplement my diet with fresh fruit and vegetable juice,
    but I also take supplemental vitamins. I think it’s probably overkill on my part, but who knows
    for sure anyway. Supplementis a good thing for us. Thanks again and best wishes!

  6. Jackly says

    Hi Thank you for your information, i have a question about Vitamin D,What is vitamin D defecienty?

  7. Jenny says

    I would like to thank you for this wonderful information. I like the idea of reducing pain by using supplements and vitamins in our meals. Exercises and simple walk after every meal can help you in reducing pain.

  8. Jordan Andrews says

    Please help me. I am suffering from lower back pain for many years. Your post is very informative. I am trying to follow these.

  9. Brad says

    Really like the list and would sure use it in my website posts !


    Dr.Brad levi

  10. Bob Carlton says

    I’ve been using Aspirin when I did have the Shingles before. It is effective, really.

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