Uniting in the Fight: What Does Each Coloured Ribbons Symbolize?


There are lots of coloured ribbons for various causes these days. It’s gotten to the point where charitable people often have a hard time with distinguishing between all of the different causes. Having a certainly awareness of different causes can really help people when it comes to deciding how to allocate one’s time and resources. There are certain awareness ribbons that are more popular than others and certain awareness ribbons that everyone should know, given the nature of the causes and the fact that they’re going to see the awareness ribbons mentioned so often.

One of the complicated aspects of awareness ribbons is that there are only so many colours. Some colours are going to be used more often than others. Other colours are going to be featured more often, and they might be used to represent a lot of different causes at once. This means that people should consider that a particular ribbon might represent something different than they initially thought, and they should take this into account.

Often times, there are certain ways for people to remember the coloured ribbon symbolism. They’re just going to have to keep in mind the different cultural associations that people have with different colours and with different symbols, and then it is going to be easier for them to remember the colours associated with different awareness ribbons. Awareness ribbons are everywhere today, but it is possible to narrow down the associations and symbols.

Awareness ribbons are part of a culture where people are at least trying to make a difference, even if they know that they’re not going to be able to solve all of these problems themselves and no one is solving them right away. Wearing a simple coloured ribbon really can make a difference.

Red Ribbons

Red Ribbon

Red ribbons are the most famous, arguably. They are certainly among the most dramatic of all of the different awareness ribbons. This is a ribbon that is often used to represent HIV/AIDS, which is a blood borne pathogen, so the red ribbon seems to logically follow in the minds of many. Red ribbons are also used in order to fight heart disease, and heart disease is a problem that affects a part of the body often associated with the colour red.

White Ribbons

White Ribbon

One way to remember what white ribbons signify is to think about what white itself usually means. White often makes people think of air, and air is connected to the lungs. White ribbons are often going to be connected to the lungs. Contrary to popular belief, there is an awareness ribbon for lung cancer, which is a common ailment.

The awareness ribbon for lung cancer is going to be white, pearl, opal, or transparent in many cases. Emphysema is another disease that is usually represented with a white ribbon. The victims of smoking-related diseases have their awareness ribbons, and people can support research in the direction of helping them. The awareness ribbons for multiple sclerosis and mesothelioma are both going to be white in many cases as well.

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