The Different types of Liposuction


With today’s technology, there is a large variety of liposuction alternatives available for any consumers to treat stubborn problem areas. Below are some of the available procedures in removing unwanted fat deposits and achieving your desired body shape.



Cryolipolysis is one of the latest non-surgical liposuction procedures which utilises medical tool to lower the temperature of a targeted area of fat tissues. This method causes cell disintegration of the adipose cells which is naturally removed by the body. Cryolipolysis uses a cooling plate attached to the skin where the target area is located. The medical tool creates a suction to draw the fat tissues upwards where it is cooled.

There is no dangerous risk to this method since there is neither anaesthesia nor surgery involved. Cryolipolysis patient have only experienced redness within the treated area which disappears in less than a day.

Tumescent liposuction

Tumescent liposuction method uses a combination of dilute Lidocaine, saline, and epinephrine in making the targeted tissue swollen. This allows the plastic surgeons to easily control the fatty tissue and remove them via suction. Tumescent liposuction is considered one of the safest procedures available due to the use of a diluted form of Lidocaine.

Lidocaine is a local anaesthetic which is widely used by dentists and other health practitioners. Heavily diluting the Lidocaine for a tumescent liposuction reduces its toxicity significantly while allowing large volumes of it onto the fat tissue. Epinephrine is an effective capillary constrictor which lessens the absorption rate of the body and lowers the loss of blood. This allows the anaesthesia to last longer and make the procedure more comfortable as opposed to other forms of liposuction where general anaesthesia is used.

Ultrasonic assisted liposuction (UAL)

Ultrasonic assisted liposuction uses ultrasound vibration energy to remove fat cells within the body. This form of removal can break down the cell walls of fat tissues which liquefies them. There are two different UAL methods:

  • Internal ultrasonic liposuction

    – This is the process of inserting an ultrasonic tool into the body and transmitting the vibration within the fat tissue. This method requires the use of a cannula to remove the liquefied fat inside the body.

  • External ultrasonic liposuction

    – This is the process of placing an ultrasonic tool on top of the skin where the problem area is located. Suction assisted liposuction is commonly used for this treatment to remove the loosened fat tissue.



This method is similar to the ultrasonic liposuction procedure where the fat is liquefied with the use of lasers. This is generally used by surgeon to remove fat within a specific body part which is otherwise difficult to access with other methods of liposuction. A major difference with this method is how the cannula is used to distribute the laser within the body as opposed to using the tool as suction for the liquefied fat.  This liposuction procedure results in decreased pain and faster healing as opposed to other procedures. However, laser liposuction is a very expensive treatment. There is also a risk of burning the internal tissues.

Remember to consult your physician first before considering any type of liposuction to know which procedure is suited for you.

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  2. I use tumescent and ultrasound assisted liposuction. I am wary of laser assisted and not sure how long that 1st one lasts. I want more research on it before I think about endorsing it.

    Dr Rhys Branman
    Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center

  3. This is a short but good read on some of the different lipo procedures offered. Patients should always try to incorporate a healthy lifestyle including the right diet and exercise program, if possible, both before and after any liposuction procedure. Always consult with a qualified Doctor before making your decision.

  4. Is there any lady doctor for this liposuction : if there is any lady doctor plz inform to me at “

  5. This is a great post summering all the different types of liposuction. I think you might have missed one though. It’s called radiofrequency assisted liposuction or BodyTite. It works in a similar way to ultrasound and laser liposuction, but it uses radiofrequency energy to break down the fat.

  6. I just think liposuction should not be the first resort for people who want to lose weight.
    They should reduce their caloric intake through proper eating, and exercising.

  7. Liposuction alternatives, even if it costs that much, could help those who want to get in the right shape just as others afford the cost of zeltiq. Thanks for sharing this article!


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