Two Solutions for Naturally Overcoming Premature Ejaculation That Actually Work


When it comes to natural solutions to sexual issues for men, premature ejaculation (PE) hasn’t had the greatest of luck. For ED, upping Vitamin D, drinking coffee, eating watermelon, and numerous herbs have been shown in studies to improve erectile quality.

Premature Ejaculation

For testosterone promotion, all sorts of natural solutions have been discovered… upping Vitamin D helps here as well, as does red grapes, as well as keeping your cell phone out of your pocket and losing some stomach fat.

But PE? Left out in the cold.

Sure, numerous “sexual enhancement” pills you can purchase claim “More Stamina” as one of the benefits, but both you and I know, that if you have PE, it is like a freight train coming down full speed that very little will be able to stop.

Especially a random, unknown natural concoction.

Medical solutions definitely work for stopping PE… a low dose of an SSRI can greatly delay ejaculation, but SSRI’s can come with a host of side effects, such as weight gain, poor sleep, an actual reduction in libido (!) and changes in mood and behavior. Luckily… with a bit of research, I’ve found two natural solutions that you can take that will help to curb your premature ejaculation. Solutions that have actual scientific backing… not just anecdotal evidence or old wives tales, or a company trying to market a pill for profit.

Boost Your Vitamin B12 Intake To Delay Ejaculation Naturally

Vitamin B12 has several well-known benefits, such as improving mental well-being, increasing energy levels and sharpening memory, but there is one lesser known benefit of Vitamin B12 — a longer-lasting sexual performance.

A study was carried out of 109 men where approximately half suffered from premature ejaculation (PE) and the other did not. PE was defined as lasting less than 2 minutes.

Vitamin B12 levels in the men were measured, and in the men with PE, vitamin B12 levels were found to be significantly lower than in the men without PE.

Armed with this knowledge, you should aim to keep your Vitamin B12 levels in a healthy range. This can be done via vitamin supplementation, and the following foods are great sources as well:

  • Red meat
  • Fish
  • cheese
  • shellfish
  • eggs
  • dairy products
  • B12 enriched cereals

Upping your calcium will actually help you improve the absorption of Vitamin B12 as well.

How Winter Savory, An Herb Used in Mediterranean Dishes for Centuries, Can Help You Overcome Premature Ejaculation

Winter Savory is an herb that has been used in traditional Southern European and Mediterranean dishes for centuries, but what most don’t know, is that the men who are eating these dishes are becoming some long-lasting sexual studs.

Interestingly enough, Summer Savory, another herb, was used as the aphrodisiac by the ancients, and Winter Savory was taken to suppress sex drive… however, this very suppression is what most likely leads to the delayed ejaculation.

In one study, one group of sexually-ready rats were given Winter Savory, over a period of 8 days, while another group did not.

These lucky rats that were given the herb had all of the following sexual benefits:

  • Significantly longer ejaculation latency (EL)
  • Higher testosterone levels
  • More frequent ejaculations within a 30 minute time period

Granted, the study was carried out on rats and not humans… however, with such a strong effect in a fellow mammal, the effect has to carry over onto humans at least to some degree.

Winter savory can be taken in liquid form, just in case you don’t want to have to pull out your Mediterranean cookbook and work up a sweat in the kitchen.

No Need for Medication — Last Longer During Sex With These Two Natural Solutions!

All it takes is a trip to your local CVS or GNC, or a couple minutes browsing online, and you’ll have what you need to be a long-laster in bed!

Learning how to mentally delay ejaculation is important as well when it comes to being able to perform longer, but combine this with Vitamin B12 and Winter Savory, and you’ll be in great shape in the sheets!

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