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Tuberculosis Day: You Can Stop Spreading TB

As a special tribute to World Tuberculosis Day 2016, you as the healthy community should know that you can control and stop TB from spreading. Tuberculosis is an infectious disease which is an airborne disease that caused by the germ called Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Overall, this disease can affect the patient’s lungs but some other cases Tuberculosis or TB also can affect another part of your bodies such as bones, brain and kidneys. The window period of this disease might be within weeks or 2 years later for the symptoms to show up.

Tuberculosis Day

How do you catch Tuberculosis in general?

Tuberculosis is easily infecting people because it is one of the airborne diseases that easy to spread such as H1N1 and Mers-Cov. What makes it so contagious is the germ is released to nearest contact via sneezes and coughs. So the nearest contact will inhale the air that contains the infected droplets and introduce the germ inside of the body.

The easiest contact to get Tuberculosis is among the family members and colleagues because they happen to be in the same place with the infected person. The risk to be infected is high if you are among the person that frequently having contact with the infected person every day. Furthermore, if you have another health issue, it is also the helping factors for you to be more susceptible to be infected. The health concerns are such as:

  • Diabetes patient, HIV patient, pregnant woman, or receiving cancer treatment because these people are the one who in the weakest immune condition;
  • Poor lifestyle such as smoking, didn’t take a proper diet or a balanced meal, and drinking alcohol;
  • The young children and the elder person are also vulnerable because their immunity can be easily compromised;
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Can tuberculosis be treated?

The good news is, this terrible and deadly disease is treatable. Once you are diagnosed with Tuberculosis, you have to make sure that you take the medication as prescribed and do not forget to pay attention to your doctor’s advice. 2 weeks after your first medicine intake is the time that you have to pay a high attention to your medication because you need to make the germ got weakened before you can go to work or school like usual.

This germ is a little bit tricky to kill, it has 3 layers of skin and the medication is killing it by destructing the layers one by one. In early medication, you will feel very healthy like a horse again because the first layer of the germ was destructed and the germ was successfully weakened. But, do not stop taking your medication because you still have another 2 layers left to take care off. This is why you have to take the medicine accordingly without missing a single dose to ensure the germ is completely removed from your body or it will be back stronger and attack your body even greater.

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