Truppr Chat #3 : Body Shaming At Work


Body Shaming is the act of criticizing a person on how their body looks. A person can also be body shaming themselves based on other people’s judgement about their body.

Body Shaming

Do you ever feel insecure about your body?

Do you ever feel depressed when a friend comments badly about a specific part of your body?

Do you always get the “Ehh, you are too fat”, “Your laps are too big”, “Your ass is flat” and so on?

Do you always criticize your body based on judgements you get from people and comparison with other persons?

Criticizing another person’s appearance in front of them or without their knowledge?

As a body-shamer, if all these has such bad or harsh consequences on you, then why not stop been a body shamer yourself, then someone will stop body-shaming you too. All these may affect a person’s emotional state and may affect a person’s productivity at work.

We had two professionals on the show, Dr. Olumuyiwa Olusanya, a medical doctor and Pearl Umeh, Human Resources and Administration at Pal Pensions and they had a lot to talk about Body Shaming at work.

This episode was able to educate a lot of people on the way to see themselves, not allow stigmatization and judgements on their body get to them and above all live a healthy life.

Be your own definition of beauty. Let’s know your thoughts while you listen.

Listen to the episode below;

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