The Rooting Trend of Gender Transitioning


Gender transitioning is when a man or woman switches their gender to the one that they feel most comfortable as. People have been going through the transition for many years now, but it has recently jumped into the spotlight thanks to Bruce Jenner’s major transition to Caitlyn Jenner. Thanks to Caitlyn Jenner, many men around the world have opened up their thoughts and are more freely verbally expressing their desire to transition genders.

Gender Transitioning

The process of transitioning can be long and expensive, but for many people, it is completely worth it. While gender reassignment surgery is covered by OHIP, it is under a strict set of rules and requirements. It is only natural that you go through a diagnosis before your sex reassignment surgery.

How do You Know If You’re a Good Candidate for Gender Reassignment?

  • There is a minimum age limit- you must be 18+

  • If your mental health is in control, and you don’t suffer from any mental illnesses, you are a good candidate

  • You are not a current substance abuser

  • You must have completed an entire year of medically supervised hormone therapy &

  • a continuous Gender Role Experience

Among these, the most important is the classification of gender dysmorphia. As defined by the American Psychological Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual and Mental Disorders, you must be diagnosed with gender dysmorphia in order to be a potential candidate for gender reassignment.

What Is Gender Dysmorphia?

Gender Dysmorphia is defined as a marked difference between the individual’s expressed gender and the one that others would assign them by the Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). This means an individual born as a man would express themselves as a female, and vice-a-versa.

The GRE is meant as a way to show that the individual can live as their new gender and be a fully functioning member of society. The process shows that the individual is fully committed to living as their preferred gender and that they are aware of the changes they can expect when they start the surgeries. This step will proceed the hormone therapy and can last up to a year.

After all the requirements have been met for OHIP, the individual would go to Ontario’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). This is the only location in the providence that can handle the reassignment surgeries.

Once the surgeries have been completed, there are a few additional steps that can be taken to further the individual’s feminization.

Additional Procedures

  1. Cheek implants – Emphasizes the cheeks with injections using either the person’s own fat, or a soft tissue filler like Restylane.

  1. Brow Reshaping – This cosmetic procedure smoothes out drooping eyebrows and improves forehead creases and lines to give a more youthful appearance.

  1. Nose Job – The nose job procedure reconstructs the form of the nose, thus restoring its functions, as well as making it more aesthetically appealing by narrowing and refining the bridge

  1. Adam’s Apple Removal – The characteristic feature of adult men is removed in order to enhance the look of a more feminine throat, as well as a feminine voice

Each of these procedures are fairly common in the transgendered community as ways to feminize the face or simply accentuate already existing feminine features.

As gratifying as it would be to make the change more complete through these kinds of plastic surgeries, they are not inexpensive. The full suite of surgeries can cost between $15,000-20,000. While that may seem like a heavy cost to some, the feeling of making the change is beyond compare.

Dr. Solomon, a facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon in Toronto, Canada, has over 40 transgendered patients a year. He has focused his career on facial surgery and facial cosmetic plastic surgery, among other. Describing some of his previous patients, Dr. Solomon has said that, after facial surgeries, “They’re happier, their self-esteem is high, they’re more comfortable in their own skin”.

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