Know the Different Treatment Approaches Used to Drug Addiction


Drug addiction, a chronic relapse, is a brain disease that is accompanied by compulsion to seek and intake drugs, despite them having harmful consequences. The drug addiction is called a brain disease because it causes changes in the brain structure and also its functions. The need to take drugs becomes uncontrollable and the quantity starts increasing as time lapses.

The addiction to drugs is harmful to the body and also to people who are around the addicts. The addiction causes them to behave differently and also makes them really unstable.


Reasons for using drugs

No one really wants to become a drug addict, but starts taking them for certain reasons and slowly these slow poisons take charge of the mind and the body. Certain reasons for taking drugs that have been found in many studies are

  1. To feel good or the euphoric feeling.
  2. To feel better in tough circumstances.
  3. To do better when faced with challenges.
  4. Peer pressures or just because others are doing it too.
  5. To cope with situations that are emotionally too painful.

Side effects of drug abuse

If drugs help the addict feel better, how are they harmful? Drugs can initially provide temporary relief and the person taking them is under the impression that they can stop its consumption. But these drugs slowly start taking over, and what once seemed like pleasure or the feel-good factor, slowly turns into a desire to seek and consume drugs with a compulsion that the person gets freaky, or violent, or on the brink of psychosis, in order to find the drugs. This is where they get harmful.

Approaches in treating drug addiction

Treating drug addiction is not at all easy. It is a chronic disease that addicts can’t just quit. But at the same time, it is not impossible to do so.

  1. Ayahuasca treatment

Ayahuasca is a brew made from the Banisteriopsis Caapi, a vine that contains monoamine oxidase inhibitors with Psychotria Viridis. It is known to treat be used to treat drug addiction. The brew has been in use for thousands of years by the locals in the Amazonian Peru region, taken during sacred ayahuasca ceremonies. The tea like brew is administered by Shamans, who are trained exclusively to administer the medicine.

The brew is said to bring psychological growth by bringing the unconscious depths of the mind up to the surface and helps in purging toxins, thereby cleaning them from the body from the inside.

Many Ayahuasca retreats in South America provide specialized Ayahuasca treatments the patients with drug addiction. The retreats have shown considerable improvement in the patients who have undergone the treatment, where the severity has reduced to a great extent and the patient has shown very good progress in breaking the addiction.

  1. Long term rehab treatment

Patients with severe drug addiction are admitted to rehabs where they are administered medicines that help them to get over their addictions. The experts and doctors take utmost care and with therapies and medicinal doses, with the aim to cure the patients of the addictions. These treatments usually last a little longer than the other approaches, but have the maximum positive results.

The chances of relapse in these treatments is comparatively high since the patients are not under the careful observation of the doctors.

  1. Medicines and Detox

There are several medicines that are used to treat patients with drug addictions and are quite helpful in treating the addicts. Detox is another method that helps toxins to be flushed out from the body and that in turn helps in psychological growth of a person.

Addiction of any kind can be detrimental. Drug addiction can harm the human body to a great extent. Treating it at the earliest with the utmost dedication and willpower will surely help a person break the addiction.

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