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The aim of the diet for most people is weight loss, which is usually measured in kilograms. It is possible that a daily measurement on the scale sometimes does not show significant weight loss, even though you have been dieting for a long time. Kilograms are often not an accurate indicator of the progress of the diet, and this is especially true for those who are on a diet and they exercise intensively. The combination of exercise and dieting reduces the percentage of body fat, but also strengthens muscle mass, which can show the same weight on the scale, as before the diet. The best way to know the progress of your diet is to keep track of changes in our body during that time.

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The measurement on the scale

The body weight can oscillate between two and three kilograms in one day, but the main reason for these oscillations is water. What affects our body weight is how much we eat, drink, eat sweets and so on. The best time for the measurement of body weight is in the morning, before breakfast, and once a month or perhaps a week is just enough, because the daily measurement will not show the actual change.

Percentage of body fat and muscle mass

If you want to track your progress with the diet, it is good to know the percentage of body fat compared to muscle mass, due to the fact that loss of body fat can be replaced by muscles. Check it out at the fitness centers or pharmacies.


Weight is distributed in different parts of the body, and loss of body fat and weight happens in a different order for certain parts of the body. Take a tape measure and take measures of certain parts of the body such as chest, breasts, waist, hips, thighs, calves, upper arms and forearms. So, you can follow the dimensions of your body and compare it with the previous.

Taking photos

When you see your body in the mirror every day, you won’t probably notice the change, as do people you have not seen for a long time. Before you start with diet and/or exercise, take pictures from different angles. Track your progress by taking photos every week, wearing the same clothes from different angles at the same place and with the same brightness. Also, you may select pants, shirt or dress and wear them every week or month to compare how they fit you.

Diet diary

Start tracking your diet a few days before going on a diet. Keep a record of everything you eat and drink each day during the diet, and it will help you keep track of hidden calories you are not aware of.

Of course, applications

It is important to monitor in details the instructions while we’re on a diet. However, due to the dynamic pace of life, we often forget certain meals or what should we eat during the week. This is where the modern technology helps us and allows us to take care of our own body more precisely, since there are already applications we can use to record changes in weight, track the number of calories we consume on a daily basis and make a schedule of exercise and diet for the next period. Here are the most popular once which turned out to be very helpful. Don’t forget installing a VPN, in order to bypass any blocks and have a secure access to these apps.

My Fitness Pal

This application is based on the research that the easiest way to lose the weight is to track daily calories. Since people often cannot handle the counting of calories, this application can significantly facilitate this process to them. Application design personalizes diet plan for you and sets daily target for calories that appears at the top of the diary. You enter the type of food you eat and the amount that you eat, and when you add meals and exercise regimen, you will easily track your progress.

My Diet Coach

“My Diet Coach” has all the characteristics of excellent application for managing diet such as the calorie meter, diary diet and BMI calculator, and fun feature of this application is that you can create personalized avatars to resemble you. In the application, you can set a reminder to alert you in time when you need to drink water or prepare the fruits. BMI Calculator will allow you to check how your current weight follows your height.

Calorie Counter By FatSecret

Calorie Counter By FatSecret is an application that helps you keep track of your weight and apply it to the proper diet, based on the adequate food. It contains a system through which you can record what kind of food you eat and information about calories burned per workout or even during everyday activities. It comes with a barcode scanner so you can know the exact number of calories you need through scanning the barcode. There is also a system for monitoring weight, diet calendar and guide for finding healthy food in restaurants.

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