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Tips and Tricks on dental health, dental implants, oral health and how to have a healthy mouth.

CEREC Technology

CEREC Technology Takes the Hassle Out of Getting Dental Crowns

What do you do about a tooth that's broken or cracked, severely decayed, or just went through a root canal? In most cases, the answer is a dental crown. Dental crowns are caps that...
Receding Gums Bleeding

Natural Home Remedies for Receding Gums Bleeding

Most people think that when they brush their teeth and their gums bleed, which they think is a normal thing. In fact, bleeding gums mean that your gums are full of bacteria and the...
Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abuse and Your Teeth

Enjoying a cold beer on a hot summer’s day or an extra-large glass of wine after a long day is a guilty pleasure for many of us. Unfortunately for some, indulging that one drink...
Emergency Dental Care

Is Emergency Dental Care Needed for You?

There are many different dental injuries that require emergency care. Being aware of them will help you to get the problem solved as soon as possible and in a proper way. In a similar...

How Can Orthodontic Treatment and Smile Correction Enhance Your Quality of Life?

Everyone dreams of a bright, even smile, and not only for appearance’s sake. Straight teeth are important for biting and chewing food properly, as well as maintaining good dental hygiene. Still, most people choose...
Water Flosser

How to Clean Your Teeth Using a Water Flosser?

Flossing is quite pertinent to oral hygiene, but sometimes people avoid it simply because the dental floss string is not an appealing and convenient way to do so. However, the water flosser is an...
Dental Sedation

4 Ways to Improve Dental Health and Make Your Mouth Happy

Face it. Chances are you probably take your oral health for granted, and while it may not seem like a big deal, it’s worse than you think. Your mouth is connected to other areas...
Electric Toothbrush for Kids

Why You Should Buy Electric Toothbrush for Kids Today

Many kids do not like to brush or are too lazy to move the brush around in their mouth properly. Result? Cavities and bad oral health. It is essential to put good oral hygiene...
Electric Toothbrush

Best Electric Tooth Brushes for Teeth With Braces on Them

Nowadays, the oral diseases are very common among the people. People of all age groups are affected by these sticky diseases. Again, oral hygiene is also termed as one of the essential component to...
Root Canal

Root Canal vs. Dental Implant

Root Canal Therapy or Extraction? Which one is better? These are common questions from patients who rush into our clinic with severe toothache.I am Dr. Ellie an emergency dentist in Brisbane and in this...